Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Chinese Origin of Noodles (Pasta)

Great things come from China, and as we found out this past week, archeologists now have discovered fossilized evidence that corroborates the claims that the Chinese invented noodles over 4,000 years ago. (Now maybe Mario Batali will finally concede that the Italians probably learned a thing or two from the Chinese.) Therefore, to celebrate, I made a huge pot of stewed Chinese beef noodle soup.

Some translate this soup as "red braised beef noodle soup," but the meat is not braised. Well-marbled beef shank is generally simmered in a dark-hued beefy broth for several hours, and just before serving, leafy greens are wilted in the heated soup.

Served with a garnish of cilantro and green scallions sliced on a bias, this is a hearty and delicious meal perfect for keeping warm on a foggy day in the Bay Area. It is also the perfect dish to celebrate the Chinese invention of noodles
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