Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wanton Lust for Wontons, Part One

Sorry this post was so long in coming!

I was just informed today that some of you have been visiting and disappointed that I haven't updated in generations. Well, lots has happened since my last post--I have many new pictures and stories (from Thanksgiving, from our potluck at work today, and just of me cooking and eating out) that I want to share.

First, I just wanted to comment on the news on all of the eating contests that occurred over Thanksgiving.
Sonya Thomas won this year for "gobbling up" the most turkey in the fastest time! (Sorry for the ESPN-pun humor.) I am always amazed that the people who win those contests are generally rail-thin and--they're Asian! It's amusing to see the tiny 5'1" person beat the strapping lumberjacks who you'd imagine could out eat anyone. I guess that just disproves stereotypes for you.

I've seen Ms. Thomas before on a Food Network Special on Competitive Eating, and I found out that some people eat competitively for a living. They're professionals and are notorious in the niche "eating" circuit--almost comparable to World Champion Texas Hold 'Em Poker players. These "eaters" have to train and practice strenuously, just like an athlete must train for the Olympics, investing money and time.

Although I love eating and could do that for a living, I can attest that overeating can seriously damage your body. Competitive eaters are successful, because they deceive their bodies into believing that overeating and gorging is normal. I need to do that!

Okay, moving onto my main topic. . .

The sick bug has been making its rounds at my office at home. I was hit this last week with a scratchy throat, a terrible cough, an achy and lifeless back, an irritated and sniffing nose, and beastly "ill-men's" headaches. My Mama taught me that the best way to beat the sick bug, is by soothing and warm soups. I made some wonton soup yesterday, and it definitely helped me to "detoxify" my body, "Mama-style."

My parents always gave me the same foods when I was sick, and for some reason, when I eat those foods when my body is ailing, I feel much better. I remember drinking Lemon-Lime flavored Gatorade, eating hot bowls of Spaghetti-Os, and sipping fizzy 7-Up during my sick days. I also remember having the-world's-best-wonton-soup.

When I was sick, my parents would forgo the traditional pork filling, and opt for the "better for you when you're sick" chicken meat. People used to think that the curing effects of chicken soup was based on an old wives tale, but I have heard that there is
actual medical evidence to buttress that claim.

In my own wontons, I splurged and added lean pork, shrimp, scallions, and ginger.

One bite into the bursting and juicy wonton dumplings, and I felt cured. A visit to Dr. Wonton, M.D. always does the trick.


  1. Hi PE - hehehe, Dr Wonton makes housecalls, huh? Welcome back, hope you feel better soon.

  2. mmm...wontons. nothing makes a gloomy, rainy day better than wontons in broth.

    you should try chopped water chestnuts in your wontons. they really add to the texture of the meat.



  3. Wow! Can you email me the recipe for wontons?! They look so yummy on your blog and I want to make some and eat it in soup! It's perfect weather for it! :)

  4. Hi! Just discovered your webpage through your friendster link. I'm drooling just looking at all the food pictures on your blog...

  5. i'd definitely like to catch more speed-eating contests. i missed the turkey one.

    how do you keep your dumplings juicy? i know for the soup dumplings (shao loong bao), they use some fatty portion of the pig.

  6. Wow, I feel loved! Thanks for all the kind comments everyone!

    First off, thanks for your warm welcome Kirk! While I was away from the 'net, I missed many things--namely the Mmm-yoso! web blog. I'm glad to be back, and glad to see that Thanksgiving went well for you and the Missus.

    Amen Libby, Amen! My dad also likes to add water chestnuts--he uses the canned kind though. They do provide a crunchy contrast, and they make the wontons even more delicious. (I was too lazy to add any in this batch.)

    LL, stay tuned, I'll post the recipe on this weekend as a blog entry! I love your pictures of Thanksgiving dinner too. Who made the turkey?

    Hi Annie, great to see you! Thanks for the compliment! I hope you come back and visit often--that is if you put studying first young lady!

    Dylan! I've been reading your about your "Adventures in Cafe Pinot," and your entries have been nail-biting, page-turners. . . Err, I guess I don't turn any pages, but I scroll down eagerly to read about your escapades in the kitchen. It sounds like you are a quick-learner, and learning new techniques should come easy to you, since you already know how to cook well.

    As for "keepin' em' juicy," I try and buy the ground pork that has higher fat content. Plus--although I am not sure these ingredients make them more juicy--I add sesame oil, soy sauce, whole chicken eggs, and dry Chinese sherry. Then I pinch those seams "real" tightly, to make sure no juices escape!

  7. was/is there a 3D version? I would love to. i love everything in the film, the touching father-son love story especially.

    btw, you might be interested in leaving a comment on this blog about food and spirituality:

    have you tasted filipino food lately?

  8. Yes Noel, there was a 3D version, but I think that it was only playing in "selected" theaters. They are used a new digital 3D technology, which is different from the film 3D, which uses red and blue glasses. I actually know a friend who worked on the 3D portion of Chicken Little, so I can tell you quite a bit about it!

    Thanks for the link to The Jesuit Gourmet, his site seems very interesting! I've heard about these cookies called "Scripture Cookies," where each ingredient references a passage in the Bible. Everyone who has tried them thinks their delicious! I'll have to try them sometime.

    I just ate Filipino food a few weeks ago--I had Filipino fried chicken and it was amazing!

  9. ohh! your wonton looks sooo yummy! makes me miss home so much. :(

  10. Thank you Sue! I hope that you have a comforting bowl of wonton soup soon, so you can remember what it really feels like to be home.

  11. Mmm, those wontons look good!

    My parents used to give me 7up when I was sick too! That stuff works!

  12. I agree Pam! I wonder how our parents discovered that! It may just be the placebo effect, but it doesn't seem like other carbonated drinks work for me when I am ill.


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