Friday, July 21, 2006

Crazy Lazy Daze (and Days)

In celebration of me finishing my language course at the Adult School, I am going to post on the blog!

Disturbing Story of the Week: My friend and I were walking along one of the piers on the Embarcadero this afternoon, and we decided to walk to this little "immigrant fishing corner" that is hidden about a block away from the Ferry Building. As we walked by the immigrant fishermen and their catch, we saw medium-sized fishes that were about a foot in length and that looked pretty interesting with these weird psychadelic colors on their scales. (I don't know whether those colors had to do with the "super-fund" pollutants and toxic seepage in the Bay or what.) These fish were just plopped and strewn about on the sidewalk. They weren't even stored in a bucket or an insulated cooler. Just "splatted" on the bare concrete sidewalk.

My friend and I were looking at all the fish as we were strolling down the pier, when suddenly, we saw this tremendous sea creature the size of an adult leg. It was moving its jaw around slowly and had these huge bloody gashes in the sides of its spotted pale gray skin. My friend and I squealed in horror, and my friend asked the fisherman what kind of fish it was. As we were shuddering and shrieking like little girls, the elderly Chinese fisherman-guy grimaced at us like we were mental ward escapees and said, "Shark." He then jerked his hand around as if to tell us to get the heck outta there and quit bothering him.

I guess it's not that big of a deal, but I am just amazed that someone could catch a shark on all by their lonesome and not be worried of death or injury. Plus, the shark was in bad shape, and I felt sad for it. What compelled this guy to keep this battered and abused shark and not throw in back in the water, the world will never know.

Pretty disturbing. But, actually, it wasn't the most disturbing thing I saw that day. I also watched an Indie film (that was depressing to the point that it made me want commit suicide afterwards) and some random guy shooting a gun in the air. Freakin' creepy. I love San Francisco...

I know, I've been a lazy piece of crap lately in terms of updating my blog, but I've honestly been working on two posts that spiraled out of hand--I have five pages worth of text now that needs to be cut down. Till I cut those posts down to size, feast your eyes of some grainy cell phone shots of "oil sticks," or Chinese donut fried-fritters, a warm bowl of beef noodle soup, and chicken curry.

I miss everyone, and hope to be posting again soon!


  1. Nice to see you update your blog. You sound pretty busy these days. We're having quite a heatwave these days up in B.C. and certainly leaves any cooking projects in the dust. No food posts for me lately.
    Hope you are enjoying your summer...sharks and all!

  2. Stay cool out there Rachel. My mom is also experiencing part of the global heatwave that is making its way through world. In California, I heard there was a possibility that a lot of food crops will suffer because of the heat. For instance, the walnuts are being sunburned. :( Hopefully, the heat stops soon and it is not a permanent weather change.

  3. What a sad story about that shark. I guess our society is still operating on the belief that sharks are the monsters that "Jaws" made them out to be.

    Great movie though!

    Glad to see your posting again.

    The hot weather and my aching carpal tunnel arm has slowed me down, but hopefully I can finish the post I was working on later tonight.

    But for now! To read your other posts!

  4. Please be careful with your wrists and arms dear Elmo Monster. I have to admit that I love seeing a new post of your's every Monday morning, but if you don't feel up to it, I can surf your archives for my Elmo Monster-fix. Feel better soon, and keep cool in Orange County!

  5. Hi PE - That's a terrible way to treat an animal....any animal. Hope you are managing to keep cool, the heat really has put a damper on my appetite......

  6. I agree Kirk. I hope that it cools down soon, because a part of me feels empty when I know that your appetite is not full-fledged like usual.


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