Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving for 2006!

Tis' the season to be a food bloggie, fa la la la, la la la la!

It is a family tradition of ours to make special dumplings during the holiday season, so I wanted to share these pictures of my family's "special tradition" to get you in a festive holiday mood. Pictured below are the raw ingredients behind my Mama's special soup dumplings (including prawns, ground pork, bamboo slivers, and water chestnuts).

The holidays are a time to inspire your creativity and bring out your natural culinary prowess! I can't wait to hear about your family practices and traditions and to see the vivid Thankgiving pictures taken of your dining table this year! (Please feel free drop me a comment about a special tradition carried on in your family during the holidays!)

Happy Thanksgiving (and Black Friday) everyone!

. . . Oh, and also, I am trying to improve the content of my blog and make it appealing to a wider audience. I don't want to limit the relevance of my posts to a target audience from the San Francisco, Bay Area. So for those of you who are here from outside of the Bay Area, I want to leave you with a great kitchen tip!

Post-Thanksgiving Kitchen Tip from Passionate Eater: To reheat refrigerated rolls, croissants, biscuits, pancakes, or muffins (especially those from Thanksgiving), place them in a microwave with a microwave-safe cup partially filled with water. The steam from the evaporating water will make the bakery-good moist and fluffy, and also help it to warm faster. This tip will help you to say good-bye to those dried out pieces of bread that have become microwave-dried croutons!


  1. mmm that dumpling soup sounds heavenly.

  2. Happy Turkey Day!

    - Chubbypanda

  3. Where are the pictures of the dumplings? Just looking at your ingredients, I know they must be yummy!

  4. Hope your Thanksgiving was delicious PE!

  5. PE, hope your thanksgiving was yum. I hate turkey so I pretty much had gravy soup and green beans.

  6. Hello there Cookie Crumb, Pink Nest, Chubby Panda, Rasa Malaysia, Elmo Monster, and Eat, Drink, & Be Merry! Thank you everyone for your warm holiday wishes! I echo Cookie Crumb's comment, I am thankful for all of you!

    Also, sorry that I don't have a picture of the final product Rasa Malaysia, my camera ran out of battery power before I could snap a shot of the cooked and wrapped dumplings!

  7. Hi PE - Seems like another one of my comments got swallowed up. Anywhos, hope you had a great the looks of things, it seems that you did.

  8. Thank you Kirk K! I did have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I hope you did too! I hope this year's Thanksgiving was as good as last year's (with the Sam Woo turkey)!


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