Thursday, July 26, 2007

Leaving My ♥ in San Francisco #3: A Giants Game at AT&T Ballpark

I expected to watch history happen tonight.

Barry Bonds was just two home runs away from beating Hank Aaron's record, and if he hit two more at tonight's game, there would have been absolute pandemonium in the streets of San Francisco. It also would have been one heck of a way to end my time here in the Bay Area.

However, just my luck, but Barry Bonds didn't even play tonight.

Nevertheless, tonight's game was still immensely satisfying because I made memories of San Francisco that I will never forget. Tonight was special because I walked into the game recognizing that this could be the last time I set would set foot in AT&T Ballpark.

Who knew that watching a baseball game could be both a bittersweet and cathartic experience? I savored every minute of the experience. As I sat watching the baseball game, I couldn't help but to treat every moment as valuable. I kept thinking to myself. . .

"This could be the last time I see the Bay, gently shrouded in thick curtains of fog and from a chilly, wind-blown stadium seat. . ."

"This could be the last time I see kayakers paddling in their kayaks near the stadium, waiting for a homerun to splash into and bob up from the green waters of the Bay. . ."

"This could be the last time I eat a warm, foil-wrapped Giants dog inside a toasted bun, with the classic accoutrements (sweet pickle relish, chopped onions, Heinz ketchup, and Gulden's mustard). . ."

"This could be the last time I hungrily scarf down the ballpark's garlic fries--thick-cut French fries that are deep-fried until golden-brown and crisp on the outside (yet steaming hot and fluffy on the inside), and then buried in overpowering mountains of minced garlic and chopped parsley. . ."

"And this could be the last time I can kick discarded and cracked peanut shells into the seating area of a Kucinich-supporter sitting in front of me."

As I ruminated on the stunning beauty of San Francisco and AT&T Ballpark, I wished dearly that it wouldn't be the last time I watched a Giants game in the breathtaking ballpark. To me, even when Barry isn't playing, every experience in AT&T Ballpark is a homerun.

Thankfully, I still have friends that I can rely on who allow me to visit AT&T Ballpark virtually, friends like Cooking with the Single Guy!


  1. Those fries are the food of the gods! The long lines are proof of that. Your photo is terrific. I always take a shot of them, but never got a photo like yours.

  2. Hi, I stopped at your blog for the first time. Loved every single picture and post!! Fries are so tempting to me even at 7:00 AM here!!

  3. I came to your blog through Tastespotting and had to click through when I saw the garlic fries...we gave up our season tickets 5 years ago to move to the east coast and I still get teary-eyed when I see the park on TV...and oh, those garlic fries...

  4. I've definitely heard a lot about those garlic fries! I love ballpark food and hwo each stadium has its own unique food! I went to San Diego's Petco park recently though and loved it! Didn't try the fish tacos though. But I wrote a post on my blog about the park and ballpark food in general:

    You should read it! :)

  5. Those fries look delicious and I just had breakfast!

  6. oh wow! when did you take these pictures? i was sitting right there & i didn't see you snap away at them! too bad bond didn't even take a swing.

    PE, when can we get together???

  7. Those fries look great and I could almost smell the hot dogs and beer from here! Thanks for the great pix that look so delicious I need a 7th inning stretch!

  8. Now, Passionate Eater, I have been away form the mother-land for quite a while. Please tell me, do Cracker Jacks not come in a box anymore? I must have had at least 50 whistles and 40 rings from CJ's. Ahhh... memories. Actually, I never really liked Cracker Jacks! I always thought the caramel was a bit over cooked tasting. If it hadn't had a prize I don't think I would have cared. Proof they got their packaging and gimmicks right. I am such a sucker for a plastic whistle and ring.

  9. sigh...i went to the game last night...ONE run :(



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