Saturday, May 10, 2008

I Give a Flying Freak for Juan's Flying Burrito

If you are in the mood for a crazy-good and authentic Mexican burrito in New Orleans, I hate to break it to you: There ain't none. But Juan's Flying Burrito on the trendy Magazine Street in New Orleans will provide a worthy and scrumptious run for your money. Don't be fooled by its "Creole taqueria" moniker, or its tattooed and pierced servers, Juan's serves up some good Mexican stuff.

The substance contained within Juan's burritos is terrifically satisfying. Within a regular burrito, you'll find (1) a gooey, melted layer of cheddar and Monterey jack cheese; (2) soft spoonfuls of long-grain rice; (3) tender-cooked black beans (not at all sandy or gritty); and (4) hearty pieces of diced and grilled chicken breast. The chicken is packed with flavor, and more towards the "juicier" end of the spectrum, and not the "stringy, dried, or tasteless" end. Best of all, the generous layer of cheese in the burrito transforms into elastic and stringy wisps of melted deliciousness with each burrito bite.

Unlike many authentically-inclined taquerias, at Juan's, you even have your choice of tortilla: be it spinach, tomato, or whole wheat.

Finally, the salsa is the real deal. I'm not sure whether I am reading more into their salsa than is there, but I discern the distinct flavor of charred chili peppers in their flavorful and fresh tomato blend.

If you are in New Orleans and are in the mood for a killer burrito, I would "fly" down to Juan's and try it out.


  1. Is the Guac free? =)

    BTW, baked a Key Lime Pie last night out of Emily's book. Extremely refreshing, especially on a hot day, I would imagine.

  2. That is a pretty sizable sure wouldn't want to be hit by a flying burrito! ;o)

  3. mmmmm, PE that burrito looks delicious, I can see the saucy chicken peeking out from under the beans. Dang now I want a burrito!

  4. That burrito looks so good! Kirkk is right. That burrito could cause some head damage if it had wings.

  5. you have a nice bite.

    Every time I bite and try to take a photo it doesn't look good.

    I just ate dinner, now I'm hungry again....

  6. Why does everyone suddenly think charred chili peppers is 'authentic'? My grandmama says that 'chipotle' is just Spanish for, "Crap, I burnt it, maybe the gringos'll eat it."

    But, you know, she says it en espanol...

  7. Unfortunately, the guac was not free Dancing Chef, but it is worth the few extra cents!

    It was sizable and delicious Kirk K, Food Hoe, Melinda, and Taste Memory!

    I love that story Mary Sue! I grew up on Tex-Mex or AZ-Mex, and I actually never had the chipotle stuff until I moved to SF. Then, it was used only at "gourmet" places. I like the raw and fresh stuff too!


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