Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Transition Complete?

As some of you may have observed, I've been in the midst of a slow transition to Blogger Beta. After discovering that Blogger Beta now allows me to modify the html code in my Blogger template, I decided to make the final jump. Changes are still in the works, but they'll be forthcoming! As a reward for your continued readership, here are three pictures! The first is of oven roasted chicken drumsticks, the second is Thai green curry, and the last is a Southeast Asian-themed calamari salad.

Enjoy (the new layout) and bon appetit!

Update: Arrrggh! I am still encountering some trouble, so I am going to wait a bit before completely moving over. Pooh, I'm tired of this shifting back-and-forth.


  1. wow, i like new layout. the colors in your pictures are so vibrant! it's the way that food is supposed to be presented. more color = more nutrition = more yummy to my tummy.

  2. beatuiful, mouthwatering colors! i'll take one of each.

  3. Well, beautiful photos regardless of all the Blogger Beta bugs.

  4. Thanks for all of your compliments about the pictures and colors Jinerous, Pink Nest, and Elmo Monster! I hope that Blogger Beta begins to behave soon, so that I can better manipulate the colors in the layout and post more pictures, hopefully, with more ease.


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