Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Forty Days and Forty Nights

Our congregation was asked this Sunday at Church to join in a forty-day fast to refrain from a practice that is an integral and important part of our lives, such that its absence would affect us profoundly. The purpose of this fast is to bring about a personal transformation. It is in times when we fast from something essential to us, that we realize more about who we are and more about our relationships and the meaning of our spiritual practices.

After significant deliberation (and after listening to the advice of a close friend from Church), I have made the heartwrenching choice to refrain from blogging for forty days. *Sharp gasp for air.* And... "Blogging" means taking food pictures, generating new blog ideas, checking web stats on SiteMeter or Google Analytics, and commenting on and reading other (marvelous and tempting) blogs.

For forty days, Passionate Eater will remain an empty blog, devoid of new words and new spirit. But the old words and old spirit will live on during that time, and hopefully, beckon you to return again.

This is going to be incredibly difficult for me, because I adore (and thrive off of and have a drug-like addiction to) reading food and gossip blogs.

I love learning from all of you. I love your pictures. I love your writing, your prose, your poetry. You are perfect in everyway.

Most importantly, I am very grateful for and honored by the wonderful friendships that I have formed as a result of food blogging.

Okay, it is almost midnight. You know what this means.

Let the countdown begin! Check back here in forty days for a new post, if you still care about me then. I promise that my love will be the same for you! (Whew, I'll have over a month of your posts and comments to catch up on! That is an amount greater than my summer reading assignment in high school!)

Till then, please visit the absolute-best-blogs-in-the-world (which are conveniently listed on my sidebar)! Like Eat, Drink, & Be Merry, The Epicurious Wanderer, I Am Mad, and I Eat, Jinerous, Mmm-Yoso!!!, Monster Munching, Pink Nest, and Rachel's Planet, just to name a few of my particular favorites!


  1. Hey angel-babe,

    I still follow the old ways (Buddhist and the like), but I respect your spiritual determination. Stand firm. It'll be worth it. I'll be back in forty days.

    - Chubbypanda

  2. Passionate Eater,

    My admiration for you grows ever more. Not only for the dedication you have for your faith, but also for putting this post up to let us know where you'll be so we won't worry about you!

    See you in forty days PE! And good luck!

  3. Wow, this sure does sound difficult! I don't think I could do it.

    Thanks for the post. I hope this is a good experience. Good luck, and I'll return in 40 days for more delicious posts :)

  4. Will wait patiently for your return, PE!

  5. Wow PE! Most impressive. Makes me think perhaps one day I should take a sabbatical from blogging as well. Maybe for Lent? I can't wait for your return and am so flattered that you like my blog! I think I'm a rather dull blogger :)
    May you take this time to grow closer to God.

  6. Hi PE - I admire your commitment, and look forward to your return. Until then...we'll wait so very impatiently! Best wishes.....

  7. You realize that by fasting, you've got us all fasting too!
    I hungrily await your return.

  8. Whoa PE! ;) I'll miss you over the next 40 days and 40 nights, but will be so happy to have you back! =) Good luck!

  9. PE,

    you will be sorely missed over these 40 days! but despite the lack of new words in your blog, something more important remains and that is your strength in spirit. i really, really admire you for what you are doing.

    see you soon,

  10. Recently I thought, "Gee..PE has been awfully quiet--not a sign of her in my comment boxes. I was swamped with work though so I didn't have time to further my investigation until now...

    I will be looking forward to welcoming your return with open arms. Your absence in the blogging community is deeply felt! Keep up the fast--and thank you for encouraging me with mine!

  11. Thank you everyone! I am honored by your kind words and support!

  12. I loves it too much . Its called Samosa made with Patato etc

    very good blog
    Can you believe it?


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