Monday, October 02, 2006

Ouch, That Hurts.

I can't say my feelings weren't a tad hurt by you Michelin-Man. I deserve better.


  1. Hey PE,

    I wouldn't be too hurt. Different guides use different rating criteria. It's ok as long as they're not varying their criteria for different locales.

    People read guides based on what critera are important to them. Zagat offers one kind of rating that appeals to certain people, Michelin offers another kind of rating that appeals to others. Personally, I think they're both crap. I eat where I think the food is tasty, and the rest doesn't bother me.

    - CP

  2. Thanks for saying that Chubby Panda! That is a great way to put it. And hey, I like thousand year old eggs, and other people (namely non-Chinese) hate it. My tastes are unique based on my culture and upbringing, and that makes me unique too. Plus, I'll trust the Chubby Panda's Guide over Michelin or Zagat's any day!

  3. I mean it Chubby Panda, you are a great source for restaurant reviews. I have a lot of reading to catch up on this weekend!


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