Monday, March 10, 2008

Sweet Tooth, or Lack Thereof

Both the beau and I agreed that at our wedding, food will be of paramount importance. Western and Asian elements are crucial. Execution, presentation, texture, and flavor are imperatives. However, getting down to the details, there are actually some food things that I don't really have a strong opinion on one way or the other. One being, the wedding cake.

I never had much of a sweet tooth, and have always preferred the savory over the cloying. In fact, the last memorable sweet thing I consumed were strawberry cupcakes and a white chocolate individually-sized cake (as seen in images here), both for my summer birthday in 2007. (Yes, it is now 2008, and the strawberry cupcakes were light, airy, and gorgeous.) Therefore, my opinion on this topic needs some edumacation.

Conversations with the beau about the wedding cake usually proceed as follows:

Beau: Should we have tiers of cupcakes, or a cake?
Me: Either is fine.
: What about a dessert buffet instead?
Me: I am not adverse to that.
: Should we do a plain white cake, a Chinese sponge cake filled with fruit cocktail, or tiramisu? What about a red velvet cake like how Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson had? (For recent blog posts on red velvet cupcakes, check out these cake posts.)
: I am at peace with the conventional. I am also at peace with the non-conventional.
: Should the cake be traditionally decorated with frosting, with flowers, or shaped and decorated as a cartoon character . . . Or a Jedi Knight, Klingon, or World of Warcraft character?
Me: All are okay.

(I know you cringed when you read that I was okay with the beau's suggestion of a "sci-fi" cake, but I honestly feel that ambivalent about wedding cakes that I would let the beau call the shots.)

While I disagree with those who think that a wedding cake is unnecessary at a wedding, I have even entertained the idea of having a fake styrofoam decoration cake and serving guests slices of sheet cake wheeled into the dining area after being surreptitiously plated in the back.

Do you have strong ideas or opinions on the subject of wedding cakes?


  1. Hi PE - LOL! You are obviously a man's dream....agreeing to a "Jedi Knight" wedding cake. Your conversation sounded like a role-reversal exercise.

  2. You are hilarious! We took the families out on a nature tour in a pontoon thru Elkhorn Slough for our wedding. We dragged 2 ready made Just Dessert cakes to Phil's Fish Market for the feast afterwards. I agree that cake is mandatory!

  3. i wasn't particulary excited @ my wedding cake planning either and my cake plans thnx to the absent minded baker came out totally nada to write about. i shuda cuda went to the danish bakery or japanese-french baker in SoCal back then. it's an asian thing (moi) ~ prefers the lighter + less sugar fused cakes made by danish/french bakers - perhaps a thought? congrats btw!

  4. Above all it should be something delicious that you both like. What form it takes is less important, I think.

  5. I would highly recommend the Star Wars/WoW cake. You could throw an Eye of Sauron on there too, for kicks.

  6. I am more like a nightmare to all men Kirk K, I often wonder how I duped the beau, but I did@

    You are so inspirational Food Hoe, with all of your nature hikes and picnics! Have you ever been to Alamere Falls before? When I go back to visit SF, I have to take you there!

    Oh gosh Taste Memory, I get scared about those stories sometimes! As long as my family is happy, I am okay with an absent-minded baker. . . At least I am telling that to myself now.

    That is great advice Deborah, I am all about the "taste" of a cake, or anything else, for that matter!

    Haha Eric, I think you've just designed our cake! What do you think about putting Gollum on there too? Right in between the decoration of the bride and the groom!

  7. I'm not a sweet tooth like you PE so I share your pain. But I think for your wedding cake you should do something special. Don't just settle for anything. As a food person, you should know that celebrating happens with the eyes and the mouth (or tummy) so you want to end your wedding celebration with a wedding cake that you'll remember! Please blog about your session when you taste the various cake samples! That always sounds fun. I always think I'd pretend to get married just to do the cake testing! Ha!

  8. The only thing I have an aversion to is styrofoam cakes. I've been to many weddings and *I* think they are the dumbest things ever. Get a stack of cupcakes or donuts or even a sci-fi cake but DON'T get a syrofoam cake.


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