Sunday, March 09, 2008

Wedding Weight Woes

As I said before, I will never be a bridezilla, and I never wanted a big wedding. For me, the dream wedding that I always envisioned entailed either (1) the signing of a marriage certificate at city hall or (2) the hitting up of a jingling slot machine after stopping at the Elvis Chapel o' Love in Las Vegas. But now that I am compromising with the beau and am agreeing to have a wedding at all, I am really starting to get into it. One thing that I previously vowed never to do, is try to lose weight for the big day. Unfortunately, that was the first "vow to myself" that went out the window.

Recently at work, my co-workers held a "Biggest Loser" competition, where the participants put in $60 each. At the end of the eight-week competition, the person that lost the most weight would get an award of (I think) $800. Although I didn't participate, it was motivating to learn this week that the winner ultimately lost 33 pounds. It was then that I realized I should probably try to skinny up a little, and lose some weight before my big day.

However, a "diet" (ugh, I hate that word) would really put a kink in my passionate eating lifestyle. Especially because I am infatuated with Mother's and Domilise's, and I can't get over po' boys filled with crunchy and deep-fried nuggets of seafood and crawfish cooked in butter and spices. (Oh, and later, I really want to share with you about Dot Domilise, the most-adorable lady ever and the owner of Domilise's, and her story about Hurricane Katrina.)

Yesterday, I went to Mother's for lunch, and with my "diet" in mind, I accomplished my first, mind-blowing, lifestyle-altering step towards losing weight. I ordered a dressed oyster po' boy, but without extra mayonnaise. Without extra mayonnaise!! I am on my way to losing weight!

Baby steps, folks. Baby steps.


  1. You don't need to lose weight! You look great! Besides, to us, the readers of your blog, it seems like you've been dieting since we catch occasional glimpses of your meals of late. And those po boys! Shrimp is practically fish, so they're healthy!

  2. Oops...they were oyster and crawfish po boys. Even better! Health food I say!

  3. Haha, thank you Elmo Monster, while I don't need to lose weight in my face (in my Facebook pictures), you've never seen the rest of me other than my face!

  4. Hi PE - you've really inspired me with the PE Baby Steps diet....yesterday, I had my open face hot turkey sandwich....with......wheat bread instead of white! ;o) I'm with

  5. yech why does that compulsion to diet arise with thoughts of wedding gowns...could it be the mental picture of all those photos of the unflattering white poof that makes even the twiggiest girl look poofy? ...sigh, well you have a great idea with the baby steps PE. I agree with the guys that you look great!

  6. Kirk K, you are AMAZING!!! I need to visit San Diego or you need to come to New Orleans A.S.A.P., because no one else can reduce me to tears of laughter and joy like how you do! I hope that wheat bread was the one with extra fiber!

    Thank you Food Hoe! I think that one way they encourage dieting is by making the dresses in all sorts of strange sizes, so that you have to pay up the nose to get them altered, even to fit a regular woman. Also, I think these wedding vendors prey on brides' insecurities, because they love to make a "street size 8" into a "wedding dress size 14." Do you detect any bitterness in my voice?

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