Thursday, March 27, 2008

To Me, Fro-Yo Is Less Than So-So.

I am going to make a lot of enemies today.

Living in New Orleans, I have been insulated from the
Pinkberry-driven frozen yogurt fad that swept through Los Angeles last year and that is in the process of taking over San Francisco and the Bay Area now. I recently flew back to San Francisco to take care of some wedding-related business, and after dinner, the beau took me to Jubili, a low-rent knock-off of Pinkberry, to sample of this "next big dessert thing."

Unfortunately, I found myself having a less than enjoyable experience, primarily because I usually don't like sour + cold.

To me, sour + cold tastes like a sharpened ice pick digging into the largest nerve in my back molars.

It tastes like rusty nails, shrieking and scratching across a black chalkboard.

In other words, it tastes like a "food that Passionate Eater will not like."

On top of my sour + cold aversion, I have two more minor gripes about these frozen yogurt places, or perhaps the place I visited, in particular:

Belligerent Gripe #1: The cost of living in New Orleans has skyrocketed since Hurricane Katrina, and I would even venture as far to say that it is comparable to living in San Francisco. But after living in New Orleans, I can't begin to stomach the unnecessary premiums that places charge for "fad items." Almost $1.00 for toppings, including bland-o-rama selections like generic cornflakes and Cocoa Pebbles? That ain't right man, that just ain't right.

Already the yogurt is on the pricier end of the spectrum of what I would pay for frozen stuff (excepting Mitchell's, Fenton's, or Bi-Rite Creamery.) However, it is against my religion to pay around $1.00 for a diminutive sprinkling of kid's cereal. Well, if it was Kashi or Musilex, that might be another story. Or Pops, Boo Berry, or Count Chocula. Dang, I love that stuff. It's like crack in a cereal box!

Belligerent Gripe #2: Ain't nobody that I know who can call yogurt with Lucky Charms, Cap'n Crunch, and Fruity Pebbles "healthy" as Jubili does on its website. Call it like it is! At least people from the South admit that a deep-fried twinkie might not be the most healthy of options.

Other than those irrational gripes, I thought my first frozen yogurt experience was an eye-opener. The place I visited was bustling and appeared to be making good business. . . Any one looking for a co-investor for a frozen yogurt business? I'd be interested!


  1. PE, did you eat any where fun in your return to SF? That's funny how you describe sour and cold. Me, I don't mind so much. So I had less of a reaction than you did when I visited Jubili. I thought their frozen yogurt was not bad, but then again, I'm not big on toppings.

  2. I haven't experienced the fro-yo craze at all yet. Here in darkest and
    deepest English countryside it hasn't turned up. Boo-hoo.
    But I certainly will not be putting cornflakes on my fro-yo if it ever appears.
    (I haven't had Captain Crunch in 30+ years. So very bad, yet so good!)

  3. Sounds like you have some long overdue dental work done. Fillings will most likely help your sensitive nerves.

  4. Although I actually like that style of tart frozen yogurt, the fad is one I just don't understand. That really gets me is the price. I think it averages $5 for 4oz or so. Insane. Just think of the food you can get for $5. For some people, that's their grocery budget for the week.

  5. $1 for some cereal topping? I'm with ya - that AIN'T right! Unless it's got french muesli with bits of dark chocolate in it.

    Anyway, we don't have pinkberry or any other yogurt crackhouse where I am either. Should I open one too? :)

  6. Ew fruit loops...

    Froyo, nothing you can't make at home. ;) (put an ice cream maker on your registry hehehehe)

  7. Chef Ben, I just flew in a red eye and was out later the next day, so it was just a "tasting" at the wedding venue. Next time I come to the city, I have to meet up w/you and the Food Hoe and the Bunrabs again!

    I love you Melinda, Chubbypanda, Christine, and Amy! I am so glad that you all agree with me on the cereal topping issue!


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