Monday, September 04, 2017

More Instagram Posts

There are really two reasons why I have been absent from this blog for so long. The first is time. With three kids, it is worth even more than money. You have all heard that a mom barely has time to shower or go to the bathroom. (Guess what? That is so true! I am so grateful you do not have Smell-O-Vision now!) The second is content. I doubt that anyone would like to see my lunch of a half-eaten bowl of Spaghetti-Os that my youngest child rejected. And that is where Instagram comes into play. You only have to post one picture and it could be filtered to the max and is a totally false representation of your life! And that is the reason that I love it!

#BackToSchool #lunch for the big guy. #1stGrade #FirstGrade here we come! #firstdayofschool #1stdayofschool #lunchtime

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Low carb #doubledouble #hamburger 🍔 with a high carb side of #cheeseFries 🧀 🍟 #InNOut #AnimalStyle #YesImAHypocrite

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We try to do at least one #vegetarian meal 🥘 a week. Today is a bell pepper 🌶 heavy spaghetti 🍝! #meatlessmama

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