Thursday, February 22, 2007

Clockwork Orange

This past weekend, I was able to enjoy the agricultural bounty of Southern California, as I was invited by my mother to help her pick ripened navel oranges from her backyard citrus tree.

Armed with a used brown paper grocery bag, I went to work.

Perched upon a metal ladder, I peered over the leafy curtain of branches and craned my elbows and fingers to snap the gleaming oranges off of the citrus tree. I worked assidiously and methodically: picking, grabbing, pulling, twisting, and piling.

The oranges were voluptuous and rotund. As I worked, I marveled at their curled and narled navels and laughed amusingly at their unsightly blemishes, pock marks, and dimpled rinds.

After a few hours of work, I sat down on lowest rung of the ladder to rest. My hands were shorn of my working gloves, and with an orange in my left hand, I slipped my pointed finger through the rind and was greeted an almost-effervescent mist of citrus vapor spraying into the air.

One bite of a succulent citrus segment, and sugary juices burst forth into my eager mouth. I could feel the delicate, thin-membraned, caviar-like citrus beads on my discerning tongue.

As I enjoyed my light refreshment, I came to a simple, yet satisfying epiphany: "Yum."


  1. They bring good luck and prosperity in sweet little packages.

  2. Is this post meant to be healthy, to balance out the last post in which you recommended that we eat lots of bacon? haha

  3. My co-worker brought in oranges today from her garden, and I'm eating one right now as I read this...your descriptions are right on sister!

  4. "almost-effervescent mist of citrus vapor"

    Wahhh! I'm crying, at the beauty of your poetry, and in deep jealousy.

  5. ah, the best ephiphany of all! those oranges are!! i just made my favorite cake, an orange citrus tea cake. i love orange-flavored desserts.

  6. You are "the" source of knowledge for Chinese traditions and customs Chubby Panda! I am glad they bring good luck and prosperity, because "more gold is needed!" (Did you get that WarCraft reference? It was courtesy of the beau.)

    Yes Eric! But I'll need five more vegan-oriented posts to counteract that "hamburger overload" post!

    Elmo Monster, I really miss Southern California citrus. I am sure your co-worker's oranges were delicious, given that she planted them in the best place for growing citrus trees--Orange County!

    Thank you Cookie Crumb! And those oranges were so delicious, that I'd be jealous of anyone who was eating them too!

    Yes, "blindingly orange" is the right description Pink Nest, and I too love orange-flavored desserts and liqueurs!


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