Monday, February 26, 2007

An Everyday Pleasure #4: For the Walmart in All of Us

My dream car as a child was a 4X4 monster truck with "fertilizer spreader" tires.

I find Jeff Foxworthy heehaw-larious.

It feels best when I drink my beer (Keystone) in a plastic 7-Eleven cup.

I used listen to hardcore country music.

I've lived in a trailer.

And . . . I consider Fritos and a six-pack of soda to be the breakfast equivalent of cereal and milk.

However, living in the Bay Area has had a significant impact on my preferences, behavior, and appetite.

My ideal car now is a hybrid and my fridge is stocked with lanky glass bottles of artisan brewed pale ales and speciality sodas--courtesy of my roommate. However, the most drastic change in my life, is that my Fritos have been replaced with an exotic potpourri of organic and trans fat-free vegetable chips, including dried slices of parsnip, batata yam, taro, and yucca root.

At times, I miss the combo of carbonated sugar water and the monosodium glutamate saturated cumin corn curls, but I've learned to appreciate the subtleties of vegetable chips. Instead of throwing away the irregular chip with the screwy and burnt looking brown marks, I've learned that "that" is actually taro and it is one of the tastier ones. Admittedly, I originally thought these chips tasted like chalky pieces of broken plaster, but now, my tastebuds have acclimated to this gourmet snack food, which is immensely popular up here in the Bay Area.

But don't tell my roommate, I secretly make late night runs for my Fritos fix.

I hope the revelations in this post haven't destroyed my food blogger cred' in your eyes. Y'all please come back now, y'hear?


  1. Oh, honey, you drive out to Napa on July 4th and come up the mountain to my parent's place, we've got all AND gun racks!

    I think this'll be the 81st year we've buried meat up there on the 4th.

  2. i LOVE fritos and frito pie and such delicious, trashy foods. they're a culinary indulgence on a scale of their own. that said, i do quite enjoy the taro chips as well! delicious with an herby dip.

  3. Hardcore country music?? I think that Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader summed it up best in Episode III when he said:



    At least now that you're in the Bay Area, you've been cured :)

  4. OMG! I LOVE dumping hot chili into a bag of Fritos for a quick and tasty snack! Brings back fond childhood memories!!! :)

  5. I will totally take you up on that offer Mary Sue! Usually, for the 4th of July, our family just drag races our dune buggies and four-wheelers in the mountains, but if you've got gun racks, I'll be there!

    Pink Nest, I love that you classified frito pie as a "culinary indulgence!" And I agree wholeheartedly!

    I have been known to revert back to my old ways Eric! If you see someone on the BART or MUNI with huge headphones that are blaring country music, you'll know who that is!

    I share those childhood memories too Bola, and they are also adult memories for me!


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