Monday, February 05, 2007

New York Food Bloggers Revealed!

Today, my friend handed me the "Sunday Styles" section of the New York Times, and I was flabbergasted at the vivid, newspaper-inked photo on the wrinkled paper surface.

Whoa! A whole bunch of New York food bloggers revealed their visages for the entire New York society to see! Check out the New York Times article (and the food bloggers' faces) here, it is a fantastic read!

Also, I feel the need to add some gratuitious pictures to this lonely post. These pictures of Korean dumpling soup date back to "my pre-forty days fast" from food blogging and have been floating around aimlessly on my hard drive. The pictures are of mandu gook, a clear broth filled with supple, smooth-skinned dumplings, which are sealed with soft and uniform pleats. The steaming soup is also interspersed with delicate wisps and tendrils of poached egg and floating blankets of absorbant nori. (If you slurp up the soup quickly, you can still snag a few crisp patches of nori.) Simplicity prevails with this warming soup! Enjoy the article and the pictures!


  1. that looks just about perfect because i'm freezing. ooooh how i want dumplings now! but too cold to go forage, i think.

  2. Yummy. Dumplings in soup. Nothing better than that in this chill. Thanks for the article! It seems food blogging is getting a lot of attention lately. i.e. Dylan's debut on No Reservations last night.

  3. Amen to that, pinknest. It's sooooo cold here and that looks like the perfect comfort food.

  4. haha i like that you attached a general photo to an unrelated article. you funny. thanks again for watching the show - got your email!

  5. dumplings would be perfect on a day like this. loved the article--being the nosy person that i am about these kinds of things, i enjoyed see the faces behind the words.


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