Friday, April 14, 2006

De-fense!! De-fense!! De-fense!!

Image courtesy of the Arizona Republic.

I love sports. I am one of those people who are compelled to fervently support sports teams that are based in their state, city, or region, for no reason, other than the fact that they represent my native state or country. Although fans are just spectators, being a serious fan takes serious effort. Just watch Fever Pitch, and you'll understand. Living in Arizona made me into a rabid Suns fanatic. I get so passionate, that I am willing to physically attack and verbally berate anyone who somehow violates "my" Suns team. I don't even live in Arizona anymore, and I still get overly protective of my babies.

However, I don't really care for any Bay Area team. San Francisco Giants or Oakland As? No thanks, I like the Diamondbacks and the Angels. San Francisco 49ers or Oakland Raiders? No, I've been commandeered to support the Washington Redskins by my Washington D.C. beau. Golden State Warriors? Yea right, who would support those losers?!

Well, the Bay Area is growing on me, and I think I've just found a team that I can wholeheartedly support. The Bay Area restaurants! I was surfing the internet yesterday, and I found this link:

I don't know who puts out this list, but I like the fact that team Bay Area is leading the pack at number four! But what is this? How come French Laundry is from the "USA" and other U.S. restaurants are from "New York"? What, is New York its own culinary country? Buzz off you pretentious New York trash! You think you're "all that," but my French Laundry is kickin' your crowded-Times-Square @$$! (Yea, I called your @$$ square!)

Hey, what good is a team, if there ain't a lil' rivalry?


  1. What? A post with no food photos?! PE...are you okay? :)

    Anyhow...Happy Easter to you!

  2. Oh and look at a picture of Steve Nash...BC's home grown talent for your viewing pleasure!

  3. Thank you very much for your wonderful Easter wishes Rachel! I also wish you a Happy Easter!

    (Viewing Steve Nash is sometimes more pleasurable than viewing even pictures of food!!)

  4. hey p.e.!

    Hilarious! my old roommate is a hardcore Warriors fan and its pretty sad cause they never make the playoffs and he always looks so sad and pathetic...

    so P.E. is also P.S.F.... Passionate Suns Fan... very cool..

    the one thing that really bothers me about L.A. is lack of passion for anything and everything, there's just too many options here, so when BOTH L.A. football teams took off for other cities NOBODY really cared then and 10 years later nobody cares its just L.A.

    i guess thats what i find attractive about Foodie Blog Sites. It's their passionate devotion to Food and it shows in the writing... if there was no true passion, the writing would suck.

    anyways, its just really nice to see people that are passionate about something....

    we need more P.E's down in L.A....

    come back down here P.E., i'll buy you some nachos at the Angel game with EXTRA JALAPENOS... i guess i'm really passionate about Jalapenos on my nachos... ;p

    keep the passion burning P.E....

  5. Hey Diet Chili Cheese Fries! I know how your Warriors friend feels, I used to be an Arizona Cardinals fan! Talk about pitiful... But I also know what you are talking about with Los Angelenos and their limp love towards football and baseball. But I do think it is different with basketball. I used to live in Los Angeles when the Lakers reign had just begun, and they had their powerful trifecta of Kobe + Shaq + Phil Jackson. I remember there were mini-riots (mini for Los Angeles) at the Staples Center, and Lakers flags on every car! Plus, you can't forget the creepy smile of Jack Nicholson appearing everywhere. But I agree, we need more fan support for the Los Angeles (or Anaheim) Angels and the Los Angeles Dodgers. As for football, I have to give up there. I guess it's an East Coast (and Oakland) thing.

  6. Not only a starving Warriors fan (at which ticket window do I pick up another 30-something win season again?), but also a Bay Area plant in New York starving for consistently good food. Better find one before the folks, who gave yours truly the palate education, come visit in a few weeks. Hope you're well, Jone! :<)

  7. You're a Warriors fan?!? Sorry about the insult Shane, you're a great guy, but, I question your support for that team... Jk! Yes, and New York has many culinary delights! (They are second to the Bay Area in that regard, you know.) Have you tried Joe's Shanghai or Katz's Deli? They are both New York staples!

    And thanks for the kind wishes Shane, I hope you had a great Easter holiday. Take care, and hope to see you soon in the Bay Area!

  8. Um, excuse me, but French Laundry's founder & chef Thomas Keller left CA a few years back to create his a restaurant in NYC called Per Se (#8)... So, to say that "your" French Laundry is kicking NYC's @$$ is ridiculous! Is Thomas Keller kicking his own @$$ then, because he owns both restaurants. There are more NYC restaurants on this list anyway, so how can the Bay Area be "leading the pack"? NYC really is it's "own culinary country" as you put it so nicely. NYC has some of the most prestigious culinary schools and restaurants in this country, and the world knows it, as evidenced by this list. Besides, is Yountville really considered "the Bay Area"? It's over an hour away from SF as I remember when I used to live there.

  9. Thanks for your feedback NYC Foodie. In actuality, I acknowledge that NYC is probably the culinary capital of America, but I wrote this post for what I call the "humor effect." Plus, you have to admit that you'll be hard-pressed to find a more evenly-matched competitor to "your" "NYC" than San Francisco (and now Las Vegas). I'm glad that I got you riled up enough for you to leave a comment. Come back to share your point of view again.


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