Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Testing Blogger Beta

I am trying out new Blogger Beta! I am so excited that you can assign labels to the posts! I also like that my Blogger account is now also my Google account. If I coud link my Yahoo!, Google, Flickr, and Blogger accounts all together, that would be ideal.

But I've found a few glitches with the Beta so far. Don't try to use the "Newer Posts" "Older Posts" links at the end of each post, as they have some narley bugs. (Too bad, I love that addition.) Plus, you can't code html into the template--they don't have an html coding option available yet, so you have to add in sidebar links one-by-one in a "user-unfriendly" program. Entering links one-at-a-time into preset text fields? I can cut and paste code faster! But I am confident the bugs were work themselves out.

Xanga, Typepad, WordPress, and users of other miscellaneous blogging programs, prepare to change to the superior blogging program!

Here are some pictures of a dinner made by Miss E. for small group last Friday! There are two types of baked penne pasta (one with olives, one without) and a luxurious salad with sliced beets, goat cheese, walnuts, and fennel.

Note: Whoops, I am going to revert back to the old blog template format for a bit! (I need my links for now.)


  1. Whoa! I really like the new look!

  2. Hey, PE contact me whenever you get the chance. I have a couple of ideas about your website that you might like to here.

  3. I just switched over too. How long does it take to switch girl? My site is down! sniff.

  4. Thanks Ed! Even more reason to "think" about coming over to Blogger from Xanga! I was meaning to talk to you on Sunday and see how you were doing! I miss everyone from Sparks tremendously. I'm really interested about your website ideas and I can't wait for you to be a guest blogger Ed! So, how is next week looking on your schedule?

    Patience Jeni, patience. It didn't take that long for me to do the physical switch, but I had to wait several hours to be approved to switch to Blogger Beta.

  5. I am tempted to switch over to the new Blogger Beta....but want to wait until some of those bugs are fixed up. The old Blogger isn't letting me upload photos tonight though...grrrrr!

  6. Try it out Rachel! I originally switched the template of my main page, and realized that there were a lot of features that were unfinished, so I returned to the older template format. But my "Dashboard" is permanently switched, and I kinda like it. One thing I really like about the Beta version is the post tags. That way, if someone clicks on a tag, they'll be directed to all posts tagged with that tag (and I won't have a need for my Passionate Eater's Archives page anymore).

  7. PE, you are sorely missed as well. I would love to be a guest blogger on your website. I think next week looks good. Actually, I, and a few others, are going to make a really cool document that is going to list all the good restraunts that the GRX sg's can go to eat. I can talk to you more about that when I see you on Sunday. Best!

  8. Belated happy birthday! I missed your posts these past few days....quite busy with midterm exams. Your photos are gastronomically tempting...specially that I'm now on a modified kind of south beach diet (yaiks, my superior asked me to lose some weight!)

    anyways, i will continue cooking. not for me though but for my community.

    prayers promised.

  9. Sounds great Ed! That would make a fantastic post and it would be a great resource for hungry small groups. It is hard finding a place that will accommodate to a group and that is open late on Sunday nights.

    Thank you J Haw! Midterms? Already? It seems like school just got started! Also, I am excited about the possibility of reading about your South Beach Diet-related meals! I'll try to keep you accountable to your weight loss goal. And you are still cooking for your students and colleagues with the diet? Your community is lucky to have such a qualified and generous chef on their hands.

  10. Hi PE,
    I have a surprise for you and
    I'm coming soon to give you it :)


  11. hahaha, you are so funny PE! When I saw the slew of comments on xanga.com/goldfishy526, I was caught off guard for a moment thinking it was from the beau, haha! Is the posting on jinerous not working? I need to get some help figuring all that out. When I do, you'll be the first to know!

  12. I fixed it! I fixed it! Now you
    ARE officially the first (and second..haha) person to comment on jinerous. I look forward to many more comments to come. :)

  13. I am so glad to hear that you'll be coming back Erika! My sister told me when! We'll make lots of food together, and my sister and I will make Chinese-raviolis and Chinese broccoli rabe for you anytime you'd like!

    Jinerous, I am honored that I am officially the first and second commenter on Jinerous! Most importantly, I am ecstatic that I was able to finally able to comment on Goldfishy 526! I definitely will be commenting like an addict on your new site!

  14. i love baked penne...baked pasta in general. mmmmm!

  15. Me too Pink Nest! I also added you as a link to my sidebar. I like your site a lot!


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