Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Eat This Michelin-Man!

Excuse me, Mr. Michelin-Man? This post is for you. I want to make you salivate in jealously, as I feature Zuni, a restaurant that was unjustly and woefully omitted from your Michelin Guide listing.

Michelin-Man, can you imagine having the most taste bud-satisfying bloody Mary made from a thick tomato juice heavily infused with vodka, tart balsamic vinegar, and a liberal squeeze of lemon juice? Zuni serves these tomato cocktails topped with a mignonette of brunoised shallots that float and bob in the drink, and that impart a deep, rich, oniony flavor throughout the tomato puree.

Michelin-Man, also think about Zuni's Bellwether Farms ricotta gnocchi with wilted spinach leaves, crumbled and shelled pistachio nuts, and lemon zest freshly grated from the sharp panels of a microplane. The cheesy gnocchi pillows are delicately spongy, almost like fresh marshmallows, and one can taste the grainy cheese curds within the airy gnocchi bites. Think of high-quality Italian mozzarella Michelin-Man. I dare you to find this kind of gnocchi anywhere else.

Also, there are many other dishes of note Michelin-Man. Zuni serves heaping platterfuls of golden-fried shoestring potato fries, that are crisp to the bite and glittering with a uniform scattering of granulated salt crystals. They are delicious Michelin-Man, believe me. But even more delicious is the grilled steak of "blue nose" bass perched upon a sweet nest of red and orange pepperonata slivers. The moist fish steak is served with yellow Finnish potatoes that have a crisp and browned exterior shell and are steaming-hot and fluffy on the inside. Most importantly, the bass is served with a generous dollop of creamy and provocatively-flavored aioli, that acts as a luscious dipping sauce for the shoestring fries and roasted potatoes. The aioli isn't too heavy at all, but it is heavenly.

And the desserts Michelin-Man, they are unforgettable. The divine flavors from the pot de creme and flourless chocolate gateau will make you go insane.

So, have I changed your mind Michelin-Man? What do you think of Bay Area restaurants now? If I couldn't convince you, take a peek at some
other photos and read up on other posts chockful of praise for Zuni.


  1. I'll take your recommendations over that bloated cartoon character anyday!

    I've heard so much about Zuni. The home cooking board on Chowhound was ablaze with testimonies on replicating Zuni's Roast Chicken with Bread Salad. I must try this! And when they ask, I'll say Passionate Eater told me to!

  2. oh that bloody mary looks killer!

  3. um, that was me. i have no idea why it says matt. lol!

  4. Passionate Eater kicks some butt! Woo-hoo.

  5. Tell him, PE! Who is he to present his taste preferences in such a bloviating manner? To him & his stars, I say: "No Thanks."

  6. ricotta gnocchi, wow. yumm

  7. Whoa,

    The gloves are off and she's still fighting like a lady. Nice one, PE! Nice one! Keep it up.

    - CP

  8. Thank you for your endorsement Elmo Monster! And ooo, they have rip-off recipes on Chowhound of Zuni's roast chicken? I'm going to Chowhound right now!

    Pink Nest, the Bloody Mary was rich, thick, and was made with great quality vodka too! I hope Matt likes food blogs too! That might mean that he makes some meals for you in the kitchen. You already treat him like a King with all those fantastic baked goods you make for him!

    I'll get those uppidy Michelin raters Cookie Crumb!

    Now that I've looked "bloviating" up in the dictionary, I'd say I have to agree Jinerous! Yes, the Michelin-Man was pompous and boastful!

    It tasted like a tremendous spongy-soft curd of cottage cheese Gustad, so it was interesting and delicious!

    You are great Chubby Panda! Thanks for saying that I fight like a lady! I took some low (crotch) blows, but if you say I'm still like a lady, I'll take that compliment!


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