Saturday, October 06, 2007

Is This Why I Am Broke?

According to this Wall Street Journal Article, Influential Food Bloggers Now Eat for Free.

Thus, the article further confirms my theory that I will always have to pay for my own meals.


  1. Hi PE - Can you say conflict of interest???? Of course, people blog, or "yelp" for different reasons. I'd never do it.... So if it means they enjoy a free be it. Hope all is well in NOLA.

  2. I have no conflict of interest. I am just interested in the food! oh...and no one gives me free anything.
    Thanks for sharing the article, it would have passed me by otherwise.

  3. I think of anyone, we (meaning Kirk K, Melinda, and me, all deserve free stuff "anonymously" so that there is no conflict! ;) Wink, wink! I agree though, if I were to get free stuff, I might feel a little cheap, or obliged to give a good review.

  4. PE, I was thinking that too!? Where's my free dinner? No one's offering me anything. No wonder I can only do occasional reviews! :) At least we can all dine on our integrity. Low-fat integrity to boot! ;-)

  5. So far no one's pegged me for a food blogger. I guess most Orange County restauranteurs haven't yet figured out that people are writing about them. In a way, that's better for me. I'm just a crazy nut taking pictures of food for no reason.

  6. ok, so once (only once!) i took a comped meal, and it was not so good. when i write about my experience there though, i HAVE to tell it like it is. i know i'm going to feel soooo bad about it. maybe that's why some restaurants do that -- so they can guilt people into being nice about them!


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