Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I Feel (Rhymes with Gritty)

I've been a dispirited, passionless eater lately. I haven't been cooking. I haven't been eating out much. You know what I've been doing?

Working days, nights, and weekends. My office deals with all-bureaucracy-resulting-from-Hurricane-Katrina, so I think you can guess the amount of work that we dealing with on a daily basis. Yes. That much.

Never in a thousand years would I have thought I could forsake the food (food blogs and the internet in general) to the extent that I have since I moved to New Orleans.

But I hope to post and comment once in a while (it is looking like once every other month right now), and show some signs of blogging life.

But, I should let you see what you want to see. . . Food pictures!

Although I said that I haven't been eating out much, one place that I've enjoyed on several occasions (because it is within walking distance to my workplace) is Mother's. The restaurant is always bustling and boisterous, and during breakfast and lunch, you will have to wait in a significant line before ordering from a crinkled and oil-stained paper menu.

Mother's offers many classic New Orleans items, including po' boys, gumbo, jambalaya, and breakfast grits. And the atmosphere is also classic New Orleans. The servers wear a clean, red and white ensemble complete with an old-fashioned soda shop paper hat and an apron. Also, you order from behind a glass display case-counter (similar to Katz's Deli in New York or Tommy's Joynt in San Francisco).

My recommendations at Mother's include (1) the roast beef po' boy with gravy and debris (the chipped beef and drippings left in the roasting pan), (2) the warm and immaculately fluffy biscuits (literally, the best I have ever had), and (3) the thick, creamy, and buttery grits. The additional picture here is of the shrimp etouffee omelet, but it is a little sloppy and soupy, and the seafood is tough, so I wouldn't eagerly recommend it.

And I was told (and have confirmed) that the best way to eat grits is with eggs that are cooked sunny-side-up or over-easy. You just make a crater with the back of your spoon into the surface of the grits and use a fork to mash the egg yolk into grits.


  1. Roast beef is rocky's favourite and those pictures look so delicious!!

  2. The pictures are looking good !

  3. I hope that whatever food you eat, can be an enjoyable retreat from your hectic work life. Take care!

  4. thank you, thank you, PE! what would i do w/o your updates & scrumptious food pictures??

    as for work and feeling "gritty"...hang in there, PE! you are a strong and intelligent woman who can get through these hard times!

  5. As a New Englander, I shudder at "tough" seafood. It is a disservice to the poor marine animal that died to provide the undeserving chef with something to prepare.

  6. Looks like good home cookin'.
    Sorry to hear you are overworked but am glad someone is helping the people still devastated from Katrina. The paperwork and bureaucracy has to be done, I suppose.
    I'm happy to hear from you when you feel like it. Your posts are extra special posts anyway.
    I told you a long time ago I would let you know when I got to see Ratatoulle. I just went this afternoon, it's only been on release here about 2 weeks now. That took some time coming over the pond! I took my friends boys and we decided it was excellent!
    Hope the gritties gets less gritty.

  7. Sometimes reading your comments brings tears to my eyes. Thanks again for your encouraging and kind words. You all are the best. :)

  8. how did I miss the gorgeous pictures of biscuits and grits? the food there looks delicious PE! Sorry to hear you have not been able to get out to enjoy the food out there, but I am drooling reading about all of the lovely parting meals you enjoyed before leaving our fine city...


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