Friday, March 14, 2008

Quite Possibly the Best Meal on Earth

The way to my heart is easy. Bring me to an NBA game and buy me nachos with reheated and sodium-laden processed cheese "product;" canned and vinegary jalapeƱos; and uncomely squirts of watery chili, and I will belong to you for the rest of my life.

Throw in foil-wrapped hot dogs and an ice lemonade on top of that, and I will offer you an animal sacrifice.

Yesterday, I attended the Hornets vs. Lakers game at a sold-out arena and watched a mind-blowing game where the home team won. At the close of the game, the audience was showered with teal streamers and sparkling confetti flittering and sashaying through the air.

The game was adrenline-packed, with slam dunks and three-pointers galore. But the best part is that I brought my own signage. Yes, I am one of "those people." I stopped by Office Depot a half-an-hour before the game, bought some highlighters and poster board, and designed the following beauties: (I came up with these sign ideas myself, but I am sure the generic nature of these puns makes it likely that they were used before, ad nauseum.)

This picture of "how the West was won" refers to David West, a player for the Hornets and how the Hornets are close to being the Western Conference champions this year. Drum roll, please!

The "Pau-l" sign refers to Pau Gasol (for the Lakers) and Chris Paul (for the Hornets). Get it, "there's only one (#1) Pau-l in the house?" Drum roll, again! I know you love my signage. Oh yea baby!

(Oh, and ahem, the poster board, the highlighters, and the "markers on clearance" resulted from a last-minute purchase at Office Depot, but the David West printout was courtesy of work. Thanks boss!)

I had a great time watching the Hornets and the Lakers, both NBA teams with great players. To me, an amazing NBA game can make any food item taste like "quite possibly the best meal on earth."


  1. Your heart is easily won with a hotdog!
    I miss going to a good basketball game. I don't like it on TV but a live basketball/baseball game is such good fun. Love it!
    How did you hold onto your meal and the signs too? Multi-talented and tasking, I assume...of course!

  2. And here I thought from your post title you finally made it to French Laundry or some place like that :)

  3. Foil-wrapped hot dogs are the bomb :)

  4. You are so right! In the right place, the simplest and most mundane foods can be elevated to the sublime!

  5. ooooh my favorite!!! nachos and hot dogs. i'm dying here.

  6. Hee hee, I love basketball and have loved it since I was a kid Melinda, Eric, Christine, and Pink Nest. I love the way you put it Deborah!

  7. I wish I was an NBA fan... unfortunately Baltimore Bullets moved to DC and then changed their name to the Wizards. I still liked them when they were the Bullets but after the name change... not so much.

    Those nachos look like diahrea creators for sure hehe


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