Friday, May 09, 2008

In Pictures: Nearing the Third Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

A fallen tree branch, stripped of all of its leaves.

Broken windows, with glass tenuously hanging onto disintegrating, rusted window frames.

Piles of debris lining the sidewalks.

Peeling and warped paint chips, vigorously twisting and curling off of graying and discolored wood.

Vacant houses, seemingly empty of all life.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

These photos were taken in a block in an average neighborhood in New Orleans. This weekend.

I hope these pictures speak to you about the enormous and long-lasting toll that Hurricane Katrina has taken on the City of New Orleans.


  1. It breaks my heart everytime I see photos like this.

  2. it really is sad! can't believe it's already been 3 years... and it seems that so many destructive forces have trashed the planet in the past week! I need more talismans and krispy kremes!

  3. Um, tell the folks that own those homes to go Home Depot, buy some supplies and fix up their homes. No one is stopping them. Or are they waiting for those of us living above sea level to pay for it.

    Boo hoo!

  4. It is tragic Kirk K and Food Hoe, I will keep on posting about it to keep everyone informed about life down here.

  5. that 'anonymous' comment from 5/18 sucks! Those pics are heartbreaking - woulda been heartbreaking a month after Katrina, and certainly so heartbreaking and incredibly frustrating 3 years later. I have been to NOLA once - two weeks before Katrina - I do not understand the lack of government support for this. A lovely place, nice folks - I wish you all peace, love and rebuilt homes.

  6. Hey anonymous- genius-
    they can't go to Home Depot-
    They're probably among the dead.
    Bet you have never done a thing for charity
    in your whole life. Bet your wife and kids hate your stinking guts.
    I bet you are going to HELL when you die.

  7. Don't let that twit Anon bother you. I actually had another great American say that my own country should have nuked New Orleans, my hometown. Do you know how that made me feel? I have watched the suffering and the absolute heroism of the people rebuilding the city, and these ignorant feckless A-holes have to have their say. New Orleans is going to be fine, if the levees hold. I knew we would survive since this last April. It is the soul and heart of this nation that worries me more.

  8. Thank you for commenting Barbara, Anonymous (the second one), and DoctorJ2U. I had actually planned on addressing the comments made by Anonymous (the first one) in an extensive follow-up post, but am so glad that you three have done it so well. What he or she doesn't understand, is that during Katrina, many people lost EVERYTHING, and they are still struggling to get insurance payments and government assistance. With the dire state of the economy these days, it makes it even more challenging for one to make ends meet, much less rebuild a home, a family, and a life. Until he or she (and even me) loses everything that we worked for in life, we will not be able to understand the difficulty that New Orleans families face in re-building their own homes--from scratch. It is sad that he or she felt the need to voice his or her opinion in such a callous, heartless, and indifferent way, but I am glad that those comments further shed light on what we need to improve in ourselves, and it brought out the kindness in you three. Thanks.


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