Saturday, July 30, 2011

Triple D Fish Tacos

There are several things I love about San Diego. First, is Kirk from Mmm-Yoso!! He is classy, friendly, very sweet, and the best "O.G." food blogger of the blogosphere.

And a very distant second San Diego love for me, are the fish tacos. I believe that San Diego is the type of city that you could go anywhere and get an awesome fish taco. A fancy restaurant? Guaranteed. A food truck? Absolutely. A gas station? Okay, yes, even that too. Honestly, you could look in a random bucket on the street and find a delicious fish taco just waiting to be eaten.

Several years ago, I passed through San Diego while on a business trip. (Although I did say I was behind on posting, I am hoping you didn't notice the "several years ago" part.) Since Kirk was out of town on a vacation to Southeast Asia, I decided to spend some time with my second fiddle in San Diego, the San Diego fish taco, and hit up a place featured on Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives ("Triple D"), the Blue Water Seafood Market and Grille. (Side Note: Although a lot of people think Guy is obnoxious middle-aged douche bag desperately trying to act young and cool, he reminds me a lot of my high school English teacher, so I actually find him quite endearing. Hey, give him points for trying!)

Since a meal in San Diego without a fish taco is like a game of checkers without the black (and red) pieces, I had to order the fish tacos, which, as Triple D indicated, came with a grilled fillet of fish dressed with a marinade of canned chipotle peppers, garlic, butter, and oregano. The grilled tortilla base was spackled with melted cheddar cheese, and loaded with the fish, an ample mound of shredded cabbage, chopped tomatoes, minced red onions, scallion ringlets, and a squiggle of sour cream. I had ordered the "halibut" version of the taco, and true to the claims of Triple D, the fish was firm, flaky, and fresh ("Triple F").

While the fish taco at Blue Water wasn't necessary the best I have had, it was fresh. Indeed, you could tell that it would be fresh when you entered the restaurant/market to see a seafood case stocked with fish (caught just that day) being displayed on crushed ice. If I am ever back in San Diego, the Blue Water is definitely worth a repeat visit, but this time, with Kirk!

Also, as a big side note, my in-laws (my husband's family) have just started up a food blog! Go visit! It is Piqqy Piggy!


  1. call me crazy but I never had a fish taco. thanks to you i'm motivated to try some soon. :)

    p.s. thanks for the linky!

  2. Oh man PE.... I feel so bad that I missed you! Next time for sure, ok? We'll do a fish taco crawl. You always have the nicest things to say... thanks as always!

  3. I love fish tacos and agree that o.g. kirk is the beesknees for good reads and food recommendations. I find it reassuring that someone else out there is behind on posting, and am very glad to see activity on PE!

  4. I want to visit San Diego just to find a fish taco in a bucket! LOL. Your description, BTW, of Guy Fieri as an "obnoxious middle-aged douche bag desperately trying to act young and cool" is spot on!

  5. Thank you friends! And yes Foodhoe, Kirk is the bees knees!


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