Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Favorite Toys (Not Necessarily My Son's)

As a new Mother, I am always on the prowl for kid-friendly toys and foods. How about combining the two? I found these toy sets on my last trip to IKEA a few months ago, and I fell in love at first sight.

The IKEA Duktig soft toy breakfast play set:

The IKEA Duktig soft toy fruit play set:

The IKEA Duktig soft toy vegetable play set:

The IKEA Duktig soft toy dessert play set:

These toys are made of non-toxic fabric (plain felt) and are surprisingly detailed and innovative--there are velcro strips to make the lettuce leaves attach to the lettuce head and similar velcro strips on the banana peel and sandwich fixins'. The bacon is sewed just right, so that there are tiny ridges and ripples in the fabric. Without a doubt, these are my favorite toys in my baby's toy chest.

My son still prefers scrap paper and my cell phone to these toys, but I feel like these IKEA items were an awesome investment. They bring a smile to my face every time I see them!

In addition, I also discovered these tutorials for adorable for felt foods via Pinterest! These may require more investment than a mere purchase at IKEA, but they are cute nonetheless.


  1. is it weird that those toys are making me hungry? hah.

  2. Haha, not at all! They make me hungry too!

  3. how adorable! I don't feel hungry, but I do want to chew on that bacon...

  4. Cute! Gonna have to get me a set of these for our little one to be! Thanks for the post! Hope all is well w/you!

  5. just push the toys on your son until he likes them =)

  6. Thank you everyone! Yes, these sets are very cute.

  7. I really want to buy them all... for myself... not embarrassed to say it. :)

  8. Man - sign me up for these! Actually the felt tutorials looks interesting, maybe i will give them a try. Any special requests? ;)

  9. Oops, sorry for the late reply Ren-Yi! The only special request is a visit from Auntie Ren-Yi!


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