Friday, October 21, 2005

The Artistry of the Mission District

San Francisco is a city with a passion for art. To me, the most amazing visual extravaganza in San Francisco is not in any acclaimed Bay Area museum, but in the taquerias of the Mission District.

Entering any Mission restaurant, you will be greeted with a barrage of incredible images. Enchiladas--that are smothered in fragrant red gravy, blanketed with melting white queso, and peppered with fresh green cilantro--shout out the vibrant shades of the Mexican flag. Curved ladles swim in heavy glass jars filled with fruity agua frescas which are colored like a pastel rainbow.

Even the salsas range from subtle burgundy and fiery red, to a rich and verdant green.

But the Mission taquerias are infinitely better than any museum, because they cater to all the human senses.

The flavors and aromas of Mexican food penetrate one's tongue and nostrils. The textured crunch of freshly-fried flautas and taquitos between your teeth and the sound of the serving spoons scraping against the bottoms of metal trays filled with meats and gravies all contribute to the sensory experience.

For me, living on the border of Mexico and United States for over 10 years has given me an immense appreciation for Mexican culture and Mexican food. Never having visited Mexico, I can't say whether the love I developed is for "authentic" Mexican cuisine, or the watered-down Tex-Mex food from chain restaurants. Regardless of where I derive my taste for Mexican food, I know that the Mission District in San Francisco is a fantastic place for me to satisfy both all my senses.


  1. Dang it Passionate Eater,
    Reading your blog made me want to go out and get some food! Seriously, I kid you not, the pictures that you had placed on here made my mouth water!~
    D~ in NYC~! :)

  2. Very Yummy looking!! Hey can I add your blog link to mine? :)

  3. Thank you for you sweet comment D~ In~ NYC~! I'll be adding more pictures soon and I hope you come back and visit! I'll also add a few Michael Vartan pictures too, because I know that will make everyone's mouth water!

  4. Hi LL! I am glad that you came to visit, and of course you can add a blog link--it is an honor to be on your blog.

  5. Dear Passionate Eater, your latest entry made me very thirsty for horchata. I had great Mexican food in your home state a few weeks ago, I wish you were there to take pictures and write commentary!

  6. I love you Sue! You are adorable! I'd love to hear how your visit was a few weeks ago and catch up. I miss you and hope everything is going well.


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