Monday, January 09, 2006

Eat This Letterman! My Top Ten Favorite Foods

I was recently tagged (actually, quite a while ago) by Kirk of Mmm-Yoso!!! for the "You Are What You Eat" meme, and I just took enough pictures this weekend to feel okay about posting My Top Ten Favorite Foods of all time.

Initially, this post seemed relatively easy, because I voluntarily talk and think about my favorite foods regularly and without provocation. However, as I was writing this meme, I realized it is very difficult to narrow down one's Top Ten favorite foods, especially when you love so many foods for so many different reasons. If you are even reading this food blog, I know you feel this way.

Luckily, after deep contemplation, I was finally able to narrow it down to ten. Ready, set, go for the countdown!

#10. Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt

When I was "prepping" for this post, I asked a friend from Maryland what his ten favorite foods were. Each and every selection he made was some type of seafood. His amusing response helped me to gain a better understanding of how our current tastes and preferences are deeply entrenched into us from practices, family traditions, and memorable childhood experiences.

For me, ice cream is a "favorite food" that unequivocally reflects my upbringing in the deep south (west) as an Arizonan. In addition to tall glass of cold ice tea, my Dad taught me that a frosty ice cream bar is the "absolute best way" to ease the effects of a blistering day. The moment the creamy, chilled sensation of ice cream touches my lips, I am transported back to my childhood. It is an indescribable feeling of sweet euphoria.

#9. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are another childhood favorite of mine. I remember when my parents would splurge and bring the family to an expensive seafood buffet. I was the only person in the entire restaurant who didn't load up on shrimp and king crab legs. Instead, I high-tailed it to the (oft-loathsome looking) "spaghetti with tomato sauce" tray and would also shovel miniature cherry tomatoes onto my buffet plate. Although my parents probably didn't think they got their money's worth, I always did.

Now that my tastes have evolved into those of an adult, I still adore fresh tomatoes and all kinds of tomato sauce.

#8. Potatoes

This is why I could never go on Atkins / South Beach / the Zone. I love everything potato: potato salad, mashed potatoes, potatoes au gratin, scalloped potatoes, french fries, and baked potatoes. What else can one say about a powerful root vegetable that has been associated both famine in Ireland and morbid obesity in the United States? Amazing.

#7. Garlic

Smell my mouth after every meal, and you'll know why garlic is called "the stinking rose." Sorry Emeril-haters, but I agree with the guy when it comes to adding garlic to every meal. [Applause.]

#6. Curries

Although the pictures above are of Hawaiian curry in a plate lunch, I love all kinds of curries, including Thai and Pacific Islander curries made with creamy coconut milk, spicy Indian curries, simple Japanese curries, and also the Chinese curry my Mom used to make--with just carrots, yellow onions, potatoes, and chicken. In the words of Snoop Dogg, "dizzam, cuzzurry izzle delicizzle!"

#5. Rice

I am passionate about freshly steamed long-grain jasmine rice, short-grain calrose rice, and even the devilish-looking black rice! Plus, I love cooking and eating rice dishes like fried rice, coconut rice, Spanish rice, pilafs, risotto, and best of all, rice porridge with thousand-year-old-eggs.

#4. Eggs

Even though my "picture-taking-skills" still need massive improvement, I think that these pictures speak for themselves. Eggs are so versatile, and they add so much flavor and unique texture to dishes. Just think about airy and cloud-like meringues and a thick gelatinous custard. I'd say my favorite part of an egg though, is the yolk. You cook it in a different way, and you have an entirely different substance: runny yellow or creamy and fluffy fully-cooked yolk. (I'm gonna give you the laundry list again . . .) I can eat em' scrambled, sunny-side-up, over easy, boiled, poached, and even fermented until they become black and gray!

#3. Sandwiches and Hamburgers

Sandwiches and hamburgers are the perfect combination of all the necessary food groups: meat, grains, vegetables, and dairy. They are also the perfect meal for me, anytime, everytime.

#2. Meat-Filled Dumplings, Pies, Breads, and Fritters

Eating a meat-filled bun always is a wonderful surprise. I can't describe the feeling I get from biting into a hot meat-filled package other than, "it's waaaay better than getting the best prize in a Cracker Jack or cereal box." After all, it's not made of cheap cardboard or plastic, but it is an overflow of hearty and savory deliciousness. For me, it's even better than winning the lottery or being proposed to by George Clooney. . . I know. It is seriously that good. Just think of the incredible spectrum of meat-filled buns and pies, there's: empanadas, dim sum, wontons, shao loeng baos, gyozas, samosas, and so much more.

Annnddd finally, Passionate Eater's number one favorite food of all time is:

#1. Noodles and Pasta

Now that I got to my "Number One Food," I've run out of things to say. I am thinking though, of a hot bowl of any Asian noodle soup, and of the pad thai that I had yesterday night at the award-winning Marnee Thai.

Also, worth mentioning is my love for "fancy" teas. (I wanted to talk about my favorite "drink" too.) Unfortunately, these teas don't come cheap, and can put one back $50-$100 bucks for a gourmet set. But again, like the $35 buck spaghetti and cherry tomato buffet, it's worth every red cent!

In closing, I'd like you to reflect on the quote that inspired this meme in the first place:

"Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are." - Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Remember, though:

"I am whatever you say I am." - Eminem

And, I just wanted to tag. . . You! Hey, don't shut the web browser! Wait a minute, come back here!

Please feel free to share with me (and the world wide web) your Top Ten Favorite Foods!

Katimugambalon has already posted his delicious list!

And so has Elmomonster! See his list in the comments section of this post.


  1. Hey you cheated on #2. I saw about FIVE different types of foods on there haha. I'm gonna agree with you on: #1, #2, #4, #5 and #7. How do I get this meme-tagging thing? I'll dish out my top 10. PE, funny posting.

  2. Hi PE - mmmmmm starch! Rice, Pasta, and Potatoes, all the major food groups... Never knew you were such a curry lover. Nice post I really enjoyed your list!

  3. Hey Eat, Drink, & Be Merry! Technically, I didn't "cheat." I merely "interpreted the categories expansively" and crammed as many food items as I could into Slot #2. Plus, isn't it okay to refer to all "meat-filled thingies" in one, all-encompassing category?

    I can't wait to read your post on this meme--I was thinking about tagging you, but I Kirk beat me to it! I know that "noodle soups" is going to be high "up there" on your list. :)

    Thank you so much for tagging me Kirk! I had a great time posting about my favorite foods! Plus, it is fun to read about other people's favorite foods--especially your's--because you can tell a lot about someone by what eat. (Eg. Someone who likes plate lunches is generally kind-hearted and a fantastic food blogger.) Forget about reading tea leaves!

  4. I forgot to tell you Kirk, but I am a "little infatuated" over starchy carbs. :)

  5. Hello Katimugambalon! I read your post, and the your foods in your Top Ten list sound heavenly! You have a tongue with very diverse and refined tastes! I hope all of the Jesuit Gourmets also share their favorite foods too. :)

    I enjoyed your post on the meme very much!

  6. PE,

    Wow a post that quotes Brillat-Savarin and Eminem!

    Total agreement with you on the starches. A meal wouldn't be a meal without rice or potatoes (or bread).

    In Indonesia, there's actually a word that describes eating "without rice". "Gado" is the word. In fact, if you ever tried the Indonesian dish called "gado-gado", it essentially means the "dish without rice". Although technically, this is not entirely true since the meal usually has rice cakes included in it.

    Here are 10 of my favorite foods:

    10. Potatoes - fried, baked, even in curry!

    9. Noodle soups - pho, egg noodle, anything with a tasty broth and a few morsels of meat.

    8. Shellfish including Shrimp - but only when they aren't overcooked.

    7. Sushi

    6. Stir Fry with wok hey.

    5. Mushrooms - so much flavor with so little effort.

    4. Fried foods - calamari, chips, et al.

    3. Lamb - just about the tastiest meat in the world.

    2. Dim Sum - once in a while it's just hits the spot.

    1. Home cooked meals - doesn't matter what it is, just as long as it's freshly prepared by someone who cares about you.

  7. "dizzam, cuzzurry izzle delicizzle!"...I LOVE IT, fo' SHIZZLE! LOL!

    Great post, PE! Can't agree with you more on the carbos! Like you said, Atkins and I would never get along!

    BTW, what is the rice dish you have pictured in #5? It looks like one of those simple, home-concocted dishes (like my Spam/Corn/Kimchee fried rice) but it looks YUMMY!!!

  8. Hello there Elmomonster! As for the Eminem quote, I tried to be, err... Diverse.

    Thanks for teaching me a bit of Indonesian, I'd definitely like to try gado-gado sometime. Even though I can't live without rice, it sounds like a dish that I'm sure is delicious!

    I am so excited that you shared your Top Ten! I wholeheartedly agree with each of your selections--except for lamb. The first time I had lamb was when I was in my early twenties (you might say I was "deprived" as a child), but I wasn't used to the gamey taste. I'll admit though, it is much more tender than beef or any other meat I've ever had.

    Also, your "Number One Food" made me smile. I gotta keep you away from my Mom, she'd hug you to pieces if she heard you say that. Thank you for such a wonderful post!

    Hello Miss Pam! Thank you for your kind compliments! As for the rice dish, it is definitely an "amalgamation of sorts." It is Spanish rice that I made with plenty of cans: canned tomato sauce, and canned corn. I fried the rice in oil with scallions, jalepenos, and garlic, and then cooked it with the tomato sauce and the "soup" from the can of corn.

    Hope that didn't sound too nasty to you.

  9. Oh boy! A new local blog. I'm blogrolling you. You're funny.

  10. Thank you Cookiecrumb! The majority of my food blogging friends are from Southern California and the Phillipines, so I am very excited about making a Bay Area friend! I checked your site out, and will be checking it out more often in the future--I am also "blogrolling" you too!

  11. I found your site through Pam's blog. WOW, your list is almost exactly like mine (with pasta and noodles at the top!!), although my list is in my head. haha.

    I'm going to be up at Berkeley this weekend and I'm glad to have found your "The Bay Area Better than Bollywood?" post because i've been craving some indian food.

  12. Hi Christine D.! I hope this gets to you in time, but I have a list of suggestions if you'd like to have some good Indian food. There are so many great Indian places in Berkeley, and in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. A great "upper end" Indian place in SF is Indian Oven. Also, Pakwan is a good and affordable place, and my person favorite is Chutney in the Tenderloin. I heard Breads of India is good in Berkeley. Shalimar and Naan & Curry are only decent--don't waste your time on those places.

    I hope you have a great trip up here, and thank you for your kind comment! (You have great taste!)

  13. PE, Le Corn Stock from Le Aluminume Canne is the best -- so sweet yet salty. i never ever let that part go to waste, and i make sure no one is around me to watch me down that goodness haha.

    I agree with Elmo on his #1: home cooked meals. nothing beats that. the other day, my mom cooked me something random - vietnamese style shrimp cakes over cream corned rice. how college can you get... oh man it was so good.

    Look out for my "you're on deathrow and you only get to choose 3 meals" meme soon... loved to see what everyone would eat b4 they're taken up (or down, in my case) to another level.

  14. You are wonderful Eat, Drink, & Be Merry! Sometimes I swear that you are my alter-ego (or that I am your alter-ego)! Did you know, that I was first trying to secure a name for my blog, (and before I had seen your's) I seriously wanted or other people had already nabbed those names. When I later found your site through Pam, I thought, "So this is another intelligent and good-looking person, like me!"

    Now that I hear your sentiments about the "canned corn elixir of life," I swear we were separated at birth.

  15. i probably AM your alterego, minus the good looks. i am ghetto and proud to be ghetto, and that's why, i love that aluminum can taste to my corn.

    i wasn't very original when it came to picking a title for my blog. i'm a huge Dave Matthews Band fan and in his song "tripping billies", the chorus starts out with "eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die". that song hit the spot and ended my reluctance to try something "new". if you think about it long enough, DM says it right. so i've chosen his words of wisdom as my direction for life -- just try as much as you can b/c it can be 'game over' at any point. the truth is, you're only regret in life is anything you've dared not try. no matter how ridiculous the outcome is, atleast you can tell ppl about it. how many times have you been thru an embarrassing moment but lived to laugh about it? for me, that's a daily experience and i'm completely fine with it.

  16. Very meaningful and insightful point. I often don't live my life to the fullest--thank you for reminding me to do so.

  17. I love ice cream, too ~~~~!! ^-^
    I believe Discovery of your blog is so lucky. interesting, beutiful pictures, good writing.. and so on. :)


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