Friday, January 13, 2006

Okay, Waaay Too Much Information

Wow, I was tagged again! This time, it is for a non-food related topic, and I was tagged by Paul of Kiplog and also by Tara of Love, Food, Wine, and Good Chick Flix. After I finish this post, I am going to go back in time to grade school, and put up my "invisible safety wall," so that I can't be tagged "it," until I call "time-in" again! :)

This meme is called "Too Much Information," and allows me to share ten interesting, and little-known facts about me. Okay, here goes:

1. Although people with regular working immune systems cannot get chicken pox twice, I have had chicken pox twice in my life: first, during second grade, and the second time was during a period when my immune system was seriously depressed. My treating doctor physically called me a "medical deviant."

2. I started turning gray when I was five years old.

3. Last month, I got a hair cut . . . And cut over 12 inches of hair off.

4. In high school, I was on the softball team that won state championships. Now, I haven't worked out in two years.

5. I did a reading for a milk commercial when their tag line was still "She/he likes milk and it shows, it does a body good!" Did I get chosen to do the commercial? Well, I didn't quit my day job, but I'd like to believe I got "pretty far" past the lengthy list of aspiring actors and actresses.

6. Growing up, my dream occupation was to become the first Asian Country Music star. Seriously.

7. My current beau is movie star who is friends with big-name celebrities--well, he was an extra in a movie with Will Smith, and has "spoken" once with Jason Lee (the one from "My Name is Earl").

8. Members of my immediate family used to be professional palm readers.

9. I unknowingly was the next-door neighbor to someone who was featured on America's Most Wanted--I was his neighbor after he committed the crime and while he was still on the loose.

10. I am allergic to cats and dogs. Okay, so that wasn't every interesting, but hey, I ran out of ideas!

Hope that meme was fun to read! I am going to tag . . . No one for now.


  1. Are you over your "down time"?
    Your list was most intriguing. Gray hair! Palm readers! :D
    (And Paul of Kiplog tagged you; awesome.)

  2. Thank you Cookie Crumb for those kind words!

    My "down-time" actually ended about five months ago, but I try to take as many days off as I can from work, and I think "that" qualifies as "down-time!"

    I'd like to try that Pepin / Cookie Crumb sausage recipe you posted today. I love your recipe modifications, they sound like they improve the recipe significantly.

  3. Hi PE - What a fun and fascinating list! I really enjoyed reading it.

  4. I like this post. Nevermind that it doesn't have to do with food. So interesting!

  5. I enjoyed reading this post. I thought your "information" was very interesting. If I get a chance I might have a go at this meme myself (just thinking now of my own "information") :)

  6. PE,

    ha ha, awesome!! I esp. love the fact that you wanted to be the 1st Asian country music star and that you have palm-reading family memebers.

    Though I have tell you, the chicken pox as an adult is no joke. I had them as a kid and though I never got a full blown relapse as an adult, I did get the shingles several years ago (caused by same virus as the pox) and it was the most painful experience I've had in my life. I get the chills just thinking about it. Eeesh.

  7. Thank you so much Kirk, Elmo Monster, and The Food Pornographer! I hope that this little "peek" into my life gives you a better idea of what kind of person I am. I really enjoy your comments and support. Thank you friends!

    Pam, I know exactly what you mean. When I had it as a kid, it was a week of fun (no school and watching non-stop television). When I got it again as an adult, the doctors originally told me I had shingles, but then told me I had chicken pox, again! Now I have double the scars, dang it! Adult chicken pox can have serious ramifications on the operation of one's organs, and can even affect fertility. I'm glad that you are okay and healthy now.

  8. #4 - Yeah, I played an undefeated year of softball when I was 13 and went on to win State Championships. I haven't worked out in a while either. Really gotta start doing that again... right after I go make Bobby Flay's Cuban Style hamburgers on my grill. Buh-bye! :-)


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