Sunday, February 05, 2006

2006 Super Bowl Sunday Spread

I am tired. I am really tired.

I just spent this last weekend planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and cleaning again! But, it was worth it in the end, even though I am not a football fan, and don't know the difference between a nickelback and the music group, Nickelback.

I just want to share the pictures of the food that my friend and I slaved over, and hopefully give you some ideas of what NOT to do for your own Super Bowl or sports playoff party.

Lesson #1: Football-watching-men do not like radishes and cauliflower.

I think that a total of one-half radish and three cauliflower florets were consumed. However, the guy who ate the florets later told me that he thought the cauliflower was popcorn. Well, that means more for me for lunch tomorrow.

Lesson #2: Even if you don't have enough bowls, don't mix salsa and guacamole together.

I am not the type who likes guacamole with tomatoes, but I like it pristine--just avocado, garlic, and chile peppers (cilantro optional, especially if you have cilantro-haters as your guests). If you serve multiple dips in the same serving dish at a Super Bowl party with preoccupied and inattentive men, it is going to inevitably get mixed around, and will start to look like . . . Puke/Vom/Grossness.

I don't care what the "7-Layer Bean Dip" advocates say, don't do it at a Super Bowl party.

Lesson #3: Don't follow the "Pool Table Meatballs" short-cut from Sandra Lee.

We made homemade meatballs and for the sauce, I decided to follow a tip I once watched on Semi-Homemade Cooking. Sandra Lee mixed an instant pack of powdered Swedish Meatball sauce with meatball drippings and sour cream. But when I did it, it looked like a curdled mess. Oh well, at least I learned for next time.

Lesson #4: Use Frank's Red Hot Sauce and drumsticks to make "Buffalo Chicken," don't prepare buffalo wings the hard way (cutting up the wings and deep-frying them). They taste the same as buffalo wings, and have more meat!

Lesson #5: Make any potato dish. Potatoes are cheap, and great filler!

Lesson #6: Do not use cheap lunch meat. When we were shopping, we left the items for the submarine sandwiches for last. Unfortunately, we were already past our budget (since we bought the beer first), so we bought bologna as the sandwich "meat." Bad idea. Bologna is not meat.


  1. That is hilarious! The bloke that thought the cauliflower was popcorn. Too funny! Cooking for guys during any kind of ball game is always interesting. LOL.

  2. Hahaha. This one's funny PE. if I'm a believer of karma and new age philosophy, I'll tell you that you must be a stand-up comedian in your past life. Hahaha.

  3. That's hilarious! He thought it was popcorn! Well, at least you didn't resort to using SPAM...bologna kinda looks like deli meat....kinda.

    Loved this post immensely!

  4. Hi PE - So very funny. So you did all this "one-handed"?

  5. You worked so Hard!
    Funniest of all: "Football-watching-men do not like radishes and cauliflower." So true. Even at my house.

  6. This was so funny, PE!

    And Elmo, what's wrong with Spam? ha ha LOL!

  7. Wow, thank you Mm, J Haw, Elmo Monster, Kirk, Cookie Crumb, and Pam! I appreciate all of your compliments about my humor. I actually wasn't even trying to be funny--I was just disgrunted from being exhausted from the Super Bowl!

    Thank you for being concerned about me Kirk, that is sweet of you. I actually had the help of two other hands (belonging to my friend), and a loud mouth (belonging to me)! I basically ordered my friend around like a Nazi, as to how to mix up the meatballs and how to make the Buffalo drumsticks. (I didn't want the hot sauce to sting my hand wound.) But I did chop up the jalapenos, with gloves. (Thank you for the idea of using rubber gloves Cookie Crumb!)

  8. Whoops, I meant "disgruntled." I was just trying to post my comment before Blogger shut down at 7:00pm Pacific Std Time for renovation/repairs.

  9. PE, you're awesome. A round of applause for your effort and hilarious post. I want to point out a few things:

    1. The Semi-Ho, Sandra Lee, is the laziest person ever. Don't ever listen to her ramblings.

    2. Nickelcrap is the worst band in the world. They're right next to Gerardo and Snow.

    3. Anything that doesn't resemble a bacon wrapped chili hot dog or a dippable sauce will not be joining all that PBR and coors in their stomachs.

    4. Salsamole was hilarious. I think that'll be a good drunk food. It's not a surprise that it'll look the same going out as it is going in.

    5. The bologne sub actually looks good haha.

    Good job, ex-twin!

  10. 6. I like how you have the mini footballs on the serving table haha. So festive! Hope those didn't bring you overbudget PE. haha.

  11. Thanks for the laugh! Great post!

  12. i'm not into radishes myself but cauliflower mistaken for popcorn?! Hahahahahahaaa... that gave me a good chuckle.

  13. Vegetables, vegetables, yeah I dunno. I guess I lucked out and had mostly meat & booze and no popcorn. Ahhh, good times.


  14. Thank you for the friendly comments Eat, Drink, & Be Merry, Rachel, TFP, and Dr. Biggles!

    You know, I spoke with someone at work today, and she made pistachio-encrusted goat cheese, and breadsticks wrapped in basil and proscuitto for the Supe'! Dang, I wish I went to her party!

    Eat, Drink, & Be Merry, have you ever clicked on the public ratings for Sandra Lee's recipes on the Food Network website? Usually, the chefs get an average of 4-5 stars for their recipes, but Sandra Lee always gets 2-3 stars, and people leave her some crazy comments. It is funny how over 75% of the comments for her recipes aren't even related to the recipes, but they are just random rants.

    Also, I am so glad that you noticed my mini-footballs on the table! (I don't think anyone at the party did.) They are salt-n-pepper shakers! I also had football shaped chip bowls, a football shaped dipping bowl, football trivia cards, and a book that was called "Football for the Female Fan" on display! I got that stuff at Target, and my football-fan friend thought I was a total weirdo. Where's the love man?

    Dr. Biggles, it sounds like you celebrated the Super Bowl the right way!

  15. Thanks so much Passionate Eater! I had a blast and ate far far too much!

  16. You're welcome Alfred! I'm glad to hear you had a good time. Thanks for bringing the sparkling apple cider! Sorry I didn't get to say good-bye that night.

  17. I like radishes. And football.

    I'm a bit pained to read your comment on the wings. Wings aren't wings if they're drumsticks... Well, drumsticks are good, too. But they're not wings.

    Whoever bought the beer first and the lunchmeat last had his priorities straight. =P Course it depends on what he/she got...

    P.S. Nice pics. That salsa looks killer good.

  18. Hey JeffL! I agree that Buffalo Wings made with drumsticks are actually Buffalo Drumsticks, but it was recommended by Food Network, and I always like more meat on my bones!

    As for the beer, that was your cousin's doing, and he bought Heinekens, Coronas, and a couple of Anchor Steams. I nagged him the whole time though, because he put us over our budget...

    I am planning a Mexican-themed fiesta party, and you'll get an opportunity then to try out the salsa and guacamole!

  19. btw, do you put cumin in your guacamole? highly recommended!


  20. No, I've never tried the cumin before Libby, thanks for the recommendation! About how much do you add in there?


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