Sunday, March 19, 2006

Help Me, I Beg You

Has anyone encountered a small pop-up box that says, "Click YES to view this page now" when trying to access this site?

When I first started my blog, and I noticed that this pop-up box would "pop up" occasionally. However, recently, I've noticed this EVERY time I visit my blog, and I'm getting angry. Where is this coming from? I think it may be from some website counter that I added to my html template, and I've heard that this may be spyware. Does anyone know how to get rid of this? I don't want to infest anyone with spyware!

Additionally, now my site as "errors" that cause "Microsoft debuggers" to pop up. The pop-up boxes claim that "there is an unexpected ')'." What the?!?

I plead with you, help me! Also, as a note to Stanley's friends who visit this site. I know that you guys are engineers / computer whizzes. Would you mind helping a distressed food blogger in need?

And as for the pictures of prime rib and chicken fried steak--well, there just pictures of crappy food that I had recently, but they reflect my crappy mood.


  1. Hi there!

    Let me introduce myself, I'm Paul, the owner of, I started this weblog recently to showcase a recipe a day everyday. I was wondering would you be interested to be a recipe contributor?

    Regards. Paul.

  2. Yeah....this done not look like your 'typical' fare. As for the pop-up boxes, I've never encountered this issue. I hope you can figure it out though!

  3. hey pe... sorry to hear about your crappy mood and would love to help , but my computer skills are embarassingly non-existent... i think i was eating a hot dog when they were passing out math and science skills to all the asians... ;p

    hope you feel betta girl, if not may i suggest heavy narcotics and red bull... ;P

  4. Sounds like spyware. I would download two programs from Spybot and Adaware. Both are free and will run to hopefully remove this. I hope that helps and if you do need red bull, as dietchilicheesefries suggests, my site can help you pick a good energy drink :)

  5. energyguru's advice is exactly what i would say. i haven't had any probs with popups at your site. Install and run Spybot and Adaware and hopefully either or both will identify spyware you've inadvertently got running on your pc so you can get rid of it (you should download updates for Sbypot and Adaware and run those progs on a regular basis). I also have the Google toobar installed which has a very effective popup blocker as well as being handy for quick Google searches.

  6. Heheheh Sbypot - good typing.

  7. hi PE! I'm back from a long hiatus. thanks for the note you posted in our blog last time. i recently posted a simple recipe inspired by your working eater series.

    btw,both yahoo! and google toolbars have anti-spyware devices. but it would also help if you have your computer scanned for other possible trojan viruses.

  8. PE,

    It appears that I also get a spyware and virus warnings whenever I go into your site, and only your site. It seems that something might be imbedded in the code of your blog. I suspect it has to do with one of the advertisers on Google Ads. Particularly the one you have up top. I'm just guessing though, but take a look at your template file and see if there's any foreign code in there...

    I found another instance of this issue on Blogger's help. However, no one seems to have replied to that person with an answer.

  9. Hi Paul, (or Ng Wai Mun)! I actually already responded to your previous post in my Friday Night Fried Rice post. I'd be happy to contribute my previous recipes to your site!

    Thank you for your kind wishes Rachel! I "think" that I figured it out, but I'll have to log in from my friend's computer to make sure. (She has an older version of Windows, and the pop-ups always come up on her computer.)

    Excellent advice Diet Chili Cheese Fries! Mmmm... Red Bull and heavy narcotics... And I know what you mean, although I am still a nerd / geek / Screech look-a-like, I was daydreaming about spaghetti and meatballs during the "handing out of math + science smarts," just like you!

    Your site is fantastic Energy Guru! It will prove to be highly useful to me and to all college students across America who need the best caffeine high for their all-nighters! Also, thank you for your recommendations on installing Spyware and Adaware. I'm in the process of installing them as we speak.

    Thank you The Food Pornographer. I actually don't have the Google toolbar installed on my computer, but the pop-up that comes up from my site is a javascript pop-up, not a pop-up which opens another browser window. Will javascript pop-ups be blocked with the Google toolbar? I tried to find the "bad" code in my blogger template--I think that the offending code is in some of the freeware script that I included on my site, but I can't find it.

    Welcome back J Haw! I am going to run a comprehensive virus scan on my computer, but I think that the offending culprit of the pop-ups is a script on my physical webpage. I will install the Google or Yahoo toolbar though on your (and TFP's recommendations). Thank you J Haw!

    Thank you so much for taking the initiative to help me track down a site with more information about my dilemma Elmo Monster! Kirk sent me an email about a Gator-type program called Zango which is likely the source of the problem. Have you ever gotten the pop-up from Eat, Drink, & Be Merry's site? He uses one of the scripts that I use that may be the "suspicious" one. If you don't get an error from his site, then I'll know that the offending script is another visit counter that I downloaded.

    Thank you again everyone for your help for identifying and remedying my problem. I am very grateful for your kind recommendations. Take care friends!


    If you are getting javascript pop-ups from my site, it is likely that your browser has "Active-X controls enabled." The pop-up is an Active-X control trying to install Zango software. For Internet Explorer users, you can disable Active-X controls by going to Tools > Internet Options > Security. This does not occur in Firefox / Mozilla, and should not affect those who have downloaded the SP2 hotfix. I believe that I have eliminated the malicious Active-X control from my page--I think it was in a free web counter that looked innocent.

    Please be careful.

    I am so sorry for any harm that I may have caused.

    Please run the free spyware removal programs Adware or Spybot just in case.

  11. Actually, that prime rib and CFS look quite good. Maybe because it's 8 PM and I'm still stuck at work, starving....

  12. You know; I used to love Denny's Chicken Fried Steak!

  13. Yum! I still love the Chicken Fried Steak from Denny's Alfred!

  14. I'm italian and the polenta's recipe is really good!

  15. Whoops Jeff L, I just realized that I didn't reply to your message! Sorry about that. I am happy that you are hungry from the pictures. At least they had "some" good use!

    Hello Anonymous! I am so glad that you visited! My sister and I miss you (especially my sister) and also your warm smile and kindness. I hope that you visit us again!


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