Friday, March 31, 2006

Reality Bites

Remember the debut of the Real World? It was unbelievable that people were willing to have their entire lives videotaped and aired in front of the world. I remember at the time, my friends and I said to each other, "Who would ever do that?!"

"Fast-forward to a few years later... No one knows except the both of us," and reality TV explodes in popularity. I stand by watching in horror as William Hung dances like an epileptic monkey being tasered, and millions of people around the world simultaneously cheer. Oh, why do Americans like reality television?

I am not a "reality television watcher," but I did watch a few episodes of the Restaurant with Rocco DiSpirito, I have already sat through three marathon episodes of Top Chef on Bravo, and I kinda-sorta paid attention to the Next Food Network Star by checking online for who was eliminated.

However, I have been active in reading the food blogs of the reality television rejects. Here are some links to some of the eliminated candidates that are a pretty interesting read:

Hans Rueffert (from the first season of the Next Food Network Star, very encouraging individual who is currently battling cancer)
Just Hungry (summarizes Top Chef episodes, really cool website)
Jess Dang (girl from Stanford from the second season of the Next Food Network Star)

I am amazed at how these Food Network reality people are invading the blog world. One of the old food network guys (Michael Thomas from the first season of the Next Food Network Star) even stole Eat, Drink, & Be Merry's name! You thief! Stop it!

Kinda cool to read about their experiences though, and dream about trying out for and winning the next reality television show. (I'd definitely try out the Next Food Network Star) Anyone want to join me? We'd do it together as a pair!


  1. we should go try out just so we can *blog* about it!

  2. I'll go PE - I'd like to see the reaction to my Spam Katsu......

  3. Whoo-hoo Goldfishy 526 and Kirk! We'll try out as a trio of good-lookin' cooks! Hey, you know what they say, "Three's Company!"

    Kirk, did you ever post the recipe for Spam Katsu, or put up a picture of it? Definitely sounds like a drool-worthy meal!

  4. PE, of course i would support you on this. Go for it! I know i told you how I felt about it. That's just me.

    what did you think of rocco dispirito? he was a stud at the CIA in NY and also in Manhattan, but seeing his personality on tv really made him look bad.

    Haha, thanks for supporting me on my blog name. Unfortunately, I didn't come up with it since it was probably a common saying during Shakespeare's era. you're the best.

  5. P.S., I like the Alanis reference!

  6. I think Rocco had plastic surgery Eat, Drink, & Be Merry. I used to watch him all the time on the Melting Pot on Food Network, and he was studly. Now, he looks a little deformed. Could be age. Could also be a facelift gone awry. I agree that he has great culinary skills, but he seemed arrogant on his reality show.

    Thanks Elmo Monster! You are always the one who catches my silly little references to music! (Like Eminem and Alanis!) I appreciate that you notice. ;)


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