Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Food Blogger's Guide to the Globe Meme

Cookie Crumb from I'm Mad and I Eat, you are awesome! Thank you for tagging me for the Traveler's Lunchbox meme, "Five Things to Eat Before You Die." I've been patiently waiting for a tag so that I could get postin'. Here goes!

1. Regional Foods from their Authentic Locations

Let me give you some context about my #1 choice, I'd like to eat any famous food in a place I haven't been before, but it has to be authentic and from the "best" source out there. Thus, for example, I'd want to eat real New York pizza from the oldest pizzeria in New York City (meaning, the classic thin crust with the perfect "tensile elasticity,"), a Maine lobster roll overflowing with meaty nuggets of fresh lobster from a beachside stand, an authentic Philly cheesesteak sandwich with neon orange 'whiz (Cheese Whiz) oozing over the oily scraps chopped beef, a Phillipine mango straight off the tree, or even freshly brewed black coffee in Columbia (or Seattle).

Although these pictures are (of basmati rice, naan, chicken tikka masala, and palak paneer) are from my neighborhood Pakistani restaurant, Indus Village Pakistani Cuisine, I love this place, and if it tastes anything like the authentic thing, I can't wait to go to Pakistan to get the real deal!

2. A Dish with Black and White Truffles (Together)

Hey, I only get to live once. I've only had tissue paper-thin shavings of white truffles before (at Lulu's Restaurant in the city), and they were so fine and the taste was so subtle, that I didn't even know that I ate them. They literally melted on my tongue like air. I would love to try both varieties of truffles side-by-side, to taste the difference and finally understand what makes a truffle so valuable and why. This time, I want to chew on the whole truffle, just like how I used to chew on wads of bubble gum during softball season.

Oh, and also, if you can incorporate saffron and beluga caviar into the dish and not have one flavor monopolize the dish, then I'd really want to try that. Send the bill to the beau please.

3. A Dinner Hand-Prepared By a Celebrity Chef

Hi Wolfgang. I eat your frozen California-style pizzas and canned soups all the time. But Wolfie, I'd love to eat something you (not a machine or a sous chef) have made especially for me.

. Nachos Similar to Those I Had at the Phoenix Suns Game Back in 1996

Those nachos (with the canned and processed cheese and black olive rings) were really good. I don't remember if it was because I was really hungry or what, but I will never forget those nachos.

5. As Many Meals I Can with My Family

It is hard to get the entire gang together--the siblings, Mom, Pops, and the beau. Eating with them makes everything taste so much better, because I love them so much. That is why I want to eat meals with them, as many times as I can before I die.

Okay, I'd like to tag:
1. Kirk of Mmm-Yoso!!!
2. Elmo Monster of Monster Munching (check out his great list here)
3. J Haw or Katimugambalon of The Jesuit Gourmet (check out their great lists here)
4. TFP of The Food Pornographer
5. Pink Nest of Pinknest
6. Bee Yinn Low from Rasa Malaysia
(check out her great list here)

Also, if you'd like to participate, let me know, and I'll tag you too!


  1. I would like to participate...I am a newbie blogger...

  2. I just tagged you Bee Yinn Low! And you have a great food blog by the way!

  3. Oh, what a world we live in.
    I loved your list, PE.

  4. PE, you make me want to be a food blogger! I love the items you made on the list. It's not just about the taste but the experience as well. Hahaha...that comment you made to Wolfgang...hilarious!

    I'm so glad that I frequently have the honor of eating lunch with you in the city. You should include that on the list:

    Bonus Item: Enjoying a meal with PE, and being able to personally witness what food bloggers eat for lunch!

  5. Thanks for tagging me PE!

    I'll be mulling over the 5 things I want to eat before I kick the bucket today. Hmmmm...*scratching my chin*

  6. Hi PE - Hmmmm, well let me think.....

  7. Hi PE - This is really I thought I'd modify for me to be, instead of what I want to eat before I be "What I'll Eat Before I Stop Blogging".......

  8. Hey PE,

    I have tried to post comments so many times but to no avail. Anyway, thanks for tagging me...sorry I am slow like that (newbie food blogger syndrome!).

  9. I loved your list too Cookie Crumb!

    I missed you so much last week Jinerous! Unfortunately, I'll be missing small group and church again this week too--I'm flying down to Southern California again.

    Your post was visually delightful and evocatively mouthwatering Elmo Monster! But, durian? No man, no! Just kidding, it is delicious, but I agree that it smells of natural gas.

    Kirk, I am eagerly waiting for your list with bated breath! I keep checking back to Mmm-Yoso!!!, and will continue to do so systematically (meaning more than what I do regularly--so every hour), until I find an update!

    Bee, I also tried to post a comment on your website too! I love your site--the pictures are wonderful, and I love the recipes. I can't wait to see your list of five foods!

  10. Yum...your number one sounds like the best idea. I too would love to try cuisine from all over the globe in it's local area. day when I win the lotto!

  11. I agree Rachel! Till then, I am going to have to take advantage of San Francisco's Japan-Town, Chinatown, Little Italy (North Beach), and Russian Hill! I am pretty lucky to have those in my City though, because I just have to pay the cost of a bus fare to taste another nation's cuisine.

  12. Shopping the cheap battery,you can see from here.

  13. Just a comment regarding the first point on the palek paneer. They're Indian, not specifically Pakistani. I'm personally all for trying stuff from the places of origins, but sometimes, they're much different from what we expect.


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