Wednesday, February 14, 2007

An Everyday Pleasure #2: Instant Udon

My name is Passionate Eater, and I am a closet fan of instant noodles.

I admit, my mouth waters at the sight of a dried block of tightly crimped and scrunched ramen noodles, but I especially enjoy the thick, doughy, and firm-to-the-bite udon noodle tendrils, also found in the "instant noodle" section of any Asian supermarket.

Add boiling water and the foil packet of dehydrated green onions and powdered beef bouillion, and lunch is complete!


  1. My eyes lit up when i saw the words "instant noodles"! I really like this instant udon because of the little goodies it comes with, such as bonito flakes.

  2. I love instant udon and am so grateful to have a big Korean supermarket by my apartment! Mmmmm.

  3. Mm!
    What a stunning picture, that top one! I hope you'll send it along to DMBLGIT next month.

  4. i confess, i love instant noodles, too. but the sodium is so bloating that i have to refrain!! but i do adore them.

  5. Haha, nice post! The up-close-and-personal shots of the noodles are great.

  6. My name is Chubbypanda, and I too am an instantnoodleholic...

    Althought I really like the frozen Sanuki udon better than the packet kind.

  7. (I spotted your pic on TasteSpotting! Right on.)

  8. great pictures! looks really yummy. i like instant noodles myself although i eat it sparingly now because of health reasons.

    what camera do you use by the way?

  9. Yes Christine D.! I adore the intense flavor bonito flakes especially in soups--like Taiwanese oyster vermicelli soup!

    You're a lucky blogger Thursday Next! I have to catch a ride with someone and load up on instant udon on my supermarket runs.

    Thank you Cookie Crumb, I try to learn from you! I use that tip you gave about 100 watt lightbulbs, and it works! Also, I don't feel that special about Tastespotting, because I submitted the picture myself. The first time I was featured on Tastespotting, someone else had submitted my picture, and then, I really was full of myself!

    I used to try to limit my sodium intake by adding only half of the flavoring package, but I can't "refrain" myself like you, and often end up adding the whole thing Pink Nest.

    Me and instant noodles have had to become fast friends because I am trying to save money Eric. And as you can tell from the posts, I have been really "trying!"

    We have to develop "Instant Noodles Anonymous" Chubby Panda! Not only would we be the founders and co-presidents, but we'd be members too!

    Thank you Shadow Hunter! Someone else asked me the same question before, and I forgot to answer! My camera isn't that impressive. It is just a broken Canon SD500!

  10. yummy, although I like to dress my noodles up with a fried egg, bean sprouts and some green onions...

  11. Two weeks ago I did the instant udon thing too for dinner, for the first time in maybe a decade. Tasted good, especially because the meal cost me only $0.79!

  12. Gosh, you just solved my dinner dilemma. I think I've gotta couple of packets somewhere. The sodium gets me too, but your pics looks sooooo good!

  13. I love to add poached eggs to my instant noodles, and bean sprouts sounds like a great idea Asian Garden! Thanks for the tip, I'll try that next time!

    Dang that you do the instant udon only once a decade Elmo Monster! I am so addicted to instant noodles, the only way I could be weaned off of them is if I used a nicotine patch.

    Thank you Alegna, and try adding some vegetables and egg like how Asian Garden suggested!


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