Thursday, February 08, 2007

Killing Two Memes with One Post

Things have been awfully silent at in Passionate Eater land lately. I've been busy, busy, busy, but am going to take a brief break to complete two memes and share more about the gory, nitty-gritty, and uninteresting deets (details) about my life.

Meme #1: "Save Our Faves" meme, by Chubby Panda

I have so many favorite Mom and Pop places in San Francisco, because almost every restaurant I frequent can be categorized as "Mom and Pop." San Francisco has notoriously stringent municipal ordinances that prevent large chain restaurants and corporations from even thinking about laying roots down in San Francisco. (Ironically, there are an average three Starbucks coffee shops within each and every city block in the Financial District. But hey, we San Franciscans amped up on a caffeine-high need to make exceptions.)

Living in San Francisco, I've gotten so used to the anti-corporate mentality, that one time, when I was down in Los Angeles, I couldn't believe it when I saw a voting booth setup where volunteers were soliciting signatures regarding a future Wal-Mart development project. Why couldn't I believe it? Because the volunteers were trying to solicit signatures "for bringing another Wal-Mart into the city," and not making Wal-Mart get the hell-outta-town! We green-loving, crazed, mottled hair Bay Area people like to drive stores like Wal-Mart out of our cities! You stylish and fashionable Los Angelenos are unbelievable!

Well, getting back to the purpose of the meme, I would like to feature a secret Mom and Pop restaurant that I always order take-out from: Sushi Zen in the Sunset District of San Francisco. The food is typical (and enjoyable) faire, but the Mom (server) and Pop (sushi chef) are abso-freakin'-lutely adorable. They fight and banter with each other when business picks up, and always rush around in a frenzy trying to serve everyone. When the "Mom" walks by, you just want to spontaneously give her a hug.

Yea. It really is that intimate.

If you haven't guessed already, in this post are some pictures of take-out from Sushi Zen. There are pictures of sushi, tempura, and chicken teriyaki, to whet your appetite.

And for this meme, I'd like to tag Short Exact! And he's already put up an amazing response on one of his favorite restaurants!

Meme #2: "Five Things Most People Don't Know About You" meme, tagged by Christine and also by Jaden from the Steamy Kitchen!

Although I sorta already did a meme like this way back in the day, I will go ahead and give you five new facts.

1. I used to own a Razor scooter. I also rode it. But I swear to you, that is when they were "in!"

. . . Oh freak. Who am I kidding? They were never "in."

2. I have been watching Days of Our Lives since I was less than six-years-old.

I learned about the "birds and the bees" from that show. It was like a third parent to me.

3. I hate wearing high-heels because I am a "loud walker." When I walk with high-heels, it sounds like a jackhammer going off near your eardrum.

4. I have double-jointed fingers.

Yea, it looks creepy, but if yoga moves for the hand ever became popular, you would be envying me then!

5. I have only visited a dentist twice in my life, and I've never had a cavity! Well, at least I didn't have one the last time I saw the dentist. . . Which was about fifteen years ago.


  1. Hooray! Don't forget to tag some more bloggers!

  2. Hi PE - Great very entertaining. Thanks for sharing.....

  3. At school, I once saw someone fall off their Razor when they rolled over a rock. I laughed to myself...

    2 dentist visits in your whole life? Dang... That's pretty cool. When I worked at a dental office, I've seen at least two 80-something year olds come in for a check-up after MANY years, but their homecare was so good that they didn't have any problems besides the normal receding gumline and gum disease that comes with age.

  4. Oooh, you changed your template, now I have to get use to turn my head left instead of right. ;)

    Regarding high heels, I hear you, I have exactly the same problem wearing heeled boots. :(

  5. haha, LMAO at the razor scooter....I think at one point they were pretty hip...
    The food looks so yummy! I wish we had more places like this to eat around here...we have 0 resturaunts that offers's crazy!

  6. LOL! I learned about the birds and the bees from Three's Company, among other things!

  7. Joan! I am very hungry now, but am still at work. =( I love your blog. you are going on my favorite list.

  8. Oops, I won't forget to tag another blogger Chubby Panda! Sorry I forgot. Tag will be coming soon!

    You miss seafood? How come Michaela?

    I felt like my answers to the meme were kinda weird Kirk K, but as long as you learn more about me, I've achieved the purpose!

    Wow, you probably have excellent dental hygiene if you used to work at a dentist's office Christine D.!

    I tried to make the layout a little cleaner, and emulate beautiful blogs, like your's Rasa Malaysia!

    We'll have to find those sushi restaurants near you Asian Garden, otherwise, we'll have to start making sushi at home!

    The terrible thing is Elmo Monster, is that I didn't know that Jack Tripper "acted" like he was a homosexual man until the 90s! I didn't understand "all" of the innuendos or secret messages in that show.

    Thank you Christina, I love your blog too!

  9. Hey PE, I just saw your note about Save our Faves. What a great idea, and I'll definitely get on this soon, since it is an excellent excuse to visit one of my favorite noodle joints :)

  10. I'm so glad that you will be doing it Eric, and I can't wait to see what your "Save Our Faves" post will be!

  11. Greetings from Brunei!

    No worries on the recent comments fix! I hope the boffins at blogger perform a permanent fix soon though :)

    Your food pics make me hungry and the sushi pics only means that I'm having sushi for dinner tonight! Heheh!

    Great food blog! I'm definitely linking you! Keep it up!

  12. Thank you Anakbrunei, I share the same sentiments about your blogs too! Brunei is such a beautiful country and its beauty is captured so well in your blogs!

  13. PE !! I'm so happy that I shared all 5 w/ godddd, when I read your mes' I couldn't believe myself !! However, on the scotter, I no longer own it :( on DOOL, I started at 21..hehe bit late, that's coz we don't hv soap operas in M'sia, hm..I got 2xjoined toes hahahaa.. hey, you tired yet with sami brady back and forth from the altar yet ?
    Cheers !:)

  14. ditto on Lucas !! :)) Although that new english hunk is making an impression don't u agree ? hehe

  15. ger, you're damn funny !! When my friend Scotty (UK) reads my pie post, he must be thinking you're refering to him as that english hunk hahahaha, nevermind, let it be :) ok, fine, Lucas is your HERO !! I'll take Austin Reed :P Btw, I'm lovin' this chained melodies hahaha :)

  16. I am so glad that we bonded over our commonalities Melting Wok! You are a fun and sweet lady, and I glad that we met through your delicious blog!

  17. You crack me up! I'm a loud walker too! When I wear heels and we are indoors and there is marble or concrete flooring, I must set off the richter scale for earthquakes!

  18. ooh next time we are in SF, zen sushi is a definate, sounds (and looks) most excellent! and that teriaki's no slouch either, GRINS...

    its so funny re walmart, i've lived in LA for 4 yrs and never once went to a walmart or even seen one - we def need some here BAD...


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