Saturday, March 03, 2007

An Everyday Pleasure #6: Brown Rice Porridge

Chicken broth, brown rice, and chili sauce make a fantastically lazy weekend meal. Simple, affordable, and surprisingly delicious!

And sorry for the limited content in this post. I wanted to get a new post out so that my new header would look "original"--and it wouldn't look original next to yesterday's post!


  1. PE - reminds me of the classic Asian quick dish of rice, sesame oil & a bit of soy sauce. If there was time a fried egg or pan fried spam would be a nice topper.

  2. hey, i ran across a blog you might be interested in:

  3. Hi PE - Man, you've got a whole lotta everyday pleasures....BTW, there are only 7 days in the week, once you get to seven you've got everyday pleasures, for every day covered! ;o) I'm really enjoying you're everyday pleasures posts!

  4. Hello PE

    I have had your blogsite linked to my blog for awhile. Ever since you won the best blog of the week award or something to that effect. However, your blog page is very slow to load as I am on dial up so this is a limited viewing pleasure for me.

    Best greetings from the tropics.


  5. Ha ha. You used your lamb picture in your new (cute) header.
    I'm so glad you got a properly cooked piece of lamb. Even so, next time it might taste odd again... Lamb varies.
    Wow, that brown rice looks insanely divine. I bet I could even come up with a decent approximation just from reading this post. (Well, OK. What kind of hot sauce?)

  6. ok as dessert
    try the sweet version with brown sugar, a cinnamon stick and simmered in coconut milk. if you want luxury a sprinkle of grated coconut on top before serving.

    neki desu

  7. hey PE, thx for your support on the safeguard for the www children post. really spice up your b/rice eh, good one :)

  8. I'm hungry, Jone! I must find out how you take those pictures..
    Thanks for sharing again. ;)

  9. (Thought I posted this earlier, but it didn't seem to are my thoughts...)

    We must have been thinking alike. I made the same thing this weekend, only I added not just chili sauce, but I added preserved bamboo shoots in chili sauce as well as preserved sardines and black beans in chili sauce. Yum!

  10. That looks like a nice alternative to risotto.

  11. My Chinese husband didn't even know that their was something called brown rice...haha

  12. Great idea Archivarian, fried egg would be a fabulous addition!

    Thanks for the blog link Misc Musings, I checked it out and agree that it is an impressive food blog!

    Thank you Kirk K! I decided to focus on "everyday pleasures" because I've been eating boring things lately. And you're right about the limit of seven days, so I'd better make the last two especially interesting!

    Thanks for letting me know about the slow download time Belizegial. I changed the blog so that it shows only ten posts per page, and that way, it won't take as long to download all the images. You can also look at blog feed on the left side of Passionate Eater's Archives. It will tell you when I've updated the site, and you can read the new posts one at a time from those links.

    Thanks Eric, I learned from the "header pro!"

    I use "hot and spicy sauce" Cookie Crumb, and it can be found in Asian supermarkets. The sauce comes in a glass jar and looks like chili flakes in red oil. Look for the jar with the memorable ingredient of "prickly ash."

    Thank you, that rice pudding recipe sounds wonderful Neki Desu! I've had rice pudding with coconut milk, and it was delicious!

    I'll get my part of the Safeguard the Internet for Children meme done soon Melting Wok, thank you for tagging me!

    We'll have a blogging session together soon Dark But Lovely! And we'll take pictures and write up a storm!

    Wow, that sounds mouthwatering Alegna, I have so much to learn from you! I love those preserved bamboo shoots in chili oil!

    Yes Wind Whisperer, it is a great alternative to risotto, and is definitely the Asian version of the creamy rice dish!

    Wow, we gotta get your husband eating healthy and fibrous grain alternatives, including brown, black, and wild rice Asian Garden!


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