Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Open Sesame Oil

One last minute ingredient sure to imbue any dish with an intoxicating fragrance and deep, nutty flavor is sesame oil. This magical elixir will accentuate almost any Asian-themed dish.

Also, sesame oil will add a stunning visual dimension to any soup, because the oil accumulate into little mini, bronze-colored pools and buoyantly rise to the surface of the steaming broth.

I don't need any coaxing from Ali Baba, my mouth will open automatically at the sight and smell of a dish infused with the piercing flavors of sesame oil.


  1. look at all these pictures you have here! my stomach is growling. i love those noodles with sesame! give me. feed me. please?

  2. Love your new title banner and love that noodle dish! Sorry I've been AWOL for a while. Last week was a bad, bad week of emergencies.

  3. Are those buckwheat noodles? They look really appetizing in that sesame broth.

  4. That photo is making my mouth water! You nailed the qualities of sesame oil. It's wonderful.

  5. You hit the right spot again, oo..especially the pure 100% sesame oil, or the black ones..WOW, totally intoxicating !! :)

  6. MM, yes, I love sesame oil. You're making me crave some noodles with sesame oil now! :)


  7. once again, i realize that i'm a few postings behind in commenting. though i read it daily, i frequently forget to put down an immediate comment..and the cycle of reading but not commenting goes on and on and on until i can finally bear it no more (such as right now).

    so..with my head hung down in shame, i want to say that i'm not a huge fan of sesame oil, but after this posting, i will attempt to give it another shot the next time an opportunity arrives...and let you know how it goes. :)

  8. Mmmm, I love sesame oil. Also really good in my Thai noodle salad recipe I've pulled from PE, is that your mouth that's also in the banner with the lamb? Perfect lipgloss/lipstick application!

  9. yes! sesame oil does wonders to food! every one that cooks chinese food gotta it in their kitchen!

  10. Hey, you take really great food photographs. Do you take all of them yourself? What kind of camera do you shoot with?

  11. Hey PE, wow, nice new layout. I love it. It looks like I have missed a lot while I was gone. ;)

    Sesame oil is king...last night I cooked some congee and was panicked because I only had a few drops left...LOL.

  12. Now you know how I feel when I look at your blog Pink Nest!

    Elmo Monster, I hope everything is okay and whoever was the object of the emergency is doing better now.

    Why yes, they are Wind Whisperer, and thanks for the generous compliment!

    Sesame oil is like a drug Susan, and I confess I am an addict!

    Yum, I love both black and white sesame seeds and 100% sesame oil Melting Wok--you know quality food products!

    Thanks for visiting Xessere, and I really like your blog photo! I love period images from the 1950s.

    Thanks Peter Matthes! Is that a picture of your dog, because he/she is adorable!

    Jinerous, your veto of sesame oil makes me think twice about using sesame oil so generously. But, perhaps I can change your mind...

    Yes indeed Archivarian, that is me! And thanks for the compliment about that pink lipstick!

    Sound observation Keropok Man, it definitely imparts a wonderful essence to many Chinese dishes!

    Thanks Steph M! It is just a plain ole' Canon SD500.

    I've missed you Rasa Malaysia, welcome back! And about only having a few drops of sesame oil--I would delay the meal and run to the nearest grocery store if that happened to me! Congee without sesame oil is like a day without sunshine!

  13. ohhhh i love sesame noodle ever so much!! :)

  14. I love sesame noodles too Aria, you have great taste!


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