Saturday, April 19, 2008

An Answered Prayer: Acme Oyster House

Today, I prayed that the San Antonio Spurs would be rebuked, humbled, or smite down by the heavy hand from above (Shaq's).

That prayer went unanswered.

But my prayers for the New Orleans Hornets were answered, and to thank the heavens above, I went out for a celebratory meal at the best late-night eatery around: Acme Oyster House. You know, I'd even venture as far to say that
Acme is my favorite restaurant in the City.

Gasp! Passionate Eater said, "Favorite!"

Yes, and while I've tried the "chosen one" of all New Orleans restaurants,
Commander's Palace, and Emeril's priciest restaurant in the City, Nola, I will stick to my guns on this decision.

is good. Really good.

Tourists and locals alike flock to this eatery which can be found in the boisterous French Quarter area in the City. You won't miss it, just follow the glow from
Acme's green and red neon sign. Oh, and you must order Acme's namesake.

While the Bay Area can lay claim to sweet, delicate, and gorgeous oysters (milky white flesh with a inky black border lining the oyster meat), New Orleans can lay claim to the beefy, substantial, and succulent oysters. You can get the heartiest, meatiest, and most slurp-a-licious oysters in the United States in New Orleans. Even though they look muddy brown, the rich bayou flavors permeate the oyster and produce the most delectable oyster liqueur and flesh known to man or beast. You taste different flavors of each oyster as it slides from the tip of your tongue to the back of your mouth. (I think Willy Wonka had a New Orleans oyster in mind when he designed his three-course-dinner gum. You know, the one that led to the demise of Violet Beauregarde?)

Acme, you can order (1) fresh oysters on the half-shell or (1) chargrilled oysters, marinating in little pools of melted garlicky butter sauce and grated Romano cheese. Because of the life-changing flavor of oysters from New Orleans, you don't need any accoutrements. However, a squirt of Tabasco and a squeeze of fresh lemon always adds a zesty kick.

Acme Oyster House in the French Quarter, you can get oysters for $1.00 each, every day (unlike in San Francisco, where the $1.00 per oyster price is only good during Happy Hour on Thursdays).

In addition to
Acme's oysters and world-renowned "peace-maker" po' boy, which is 1/2 oyster and 1/2 shrimp, I would recommend their sampler, which comes with a thick bowl of gumbo--loaded with thick slices of smoky andouille sausage, a mound of sticky jambalaya, red beans and rice, and a spicy sausage link.

Oh, and finally, if you ever come to the City and try out Acme, I recommend that you take me!


  1. welcome to new orleans. i like acme as well, good mix of locals and tourists, as you say. if you haven't yet, check out casamento's.

  2. Hey PE - When I make it to NoLA - I'll make sure to take you! ;o)

  3. Mmmm, meaty oysters. I am so there!

  4. that gumbo looks insane...

    hey btw, did you see Foodhoe's post on Korean restaurant on Balboa St. in sf by the bay?

    Made me totally wasting away in the South w. little access to crazy good K-food!

    Looks like you are surviving....

  5. PE, Acme is one of the first stops I intend to make when I arrive in NOLA in a couple weeks for 'Fest. Thanks for getting my mouth watering already. I have a great picture at Acme from last time I was in town -- an oyster "virgin" eating her first, which the shucker behind the bar gave her on the house as a lagniappe, and in doing so made sure to pick out the biggest, fattest, most humongous one he could. They asked me to send it to them for their Web site but I don't know if they ever used it.

    The shrimp / oyster po'boy at Acme is one of the best I've had. Though I also have a soft spot for the po'boys at Fiorella's, at the other end of the Quarter, based on a couple of languorous drunken afternoons there (which were somehow memorable, though I can't remember very much about them).

    Another NOLA favorite of mine is Palace Cafe, on Canal just around the corner from Acme. Brunch there is another compulsory stop in a couple weeks. I've actually found recipes at the Gumbo Pages site for two of my favorite dishes from there -- the crabmeat cheesecake appetizer and the white chocolate bread pudding -- which never fail to blow away everyone at whatever party I've ever brought either to.

  6. OK. I wouldn't go there without you.
    What's your address and tele no, PE? Just in case I actually ever do get to NOLA.

  7. You know I love oysters! And $1 everyday?! Wish I were there!

  8. Thank you ALL! And Mark C. and Alex, I will make absolutely sure to try out Casamento's, Fiorella's, and Palace Cafe! Those sound like mouthwatering suggestions!

  9. while i like the acme because its really consistent i am a little shocked by this "best moniker. try the chargrilled oysters at dragos. i think they are better than the acme. or the oysters at cochon.

  10. Wow, great blog! Fabulous photos and content. Bravo! I've enjoyed reading all about the food and restaurants of NOLA. I am headed down there in 3 wks, for the first time, to eat my way around town. I only have 2 1/2 days so I've got quite a challenge ahead of me.

    I've posted a request for recs on Chowhound and have gotten some great feedback from locals. My only hang-up is a late night bar to grab some food around 10pm. Our flight gets in at 9pm on a Thursday and I had hoped to get over to Acme to grab some oysters, gumbo, etc. but I checked their website and it says they close at 10pm - ugh. Do you have any suggestions for late night eats?

    Also, we have planned to partake in the Friday martini lunch at Galatoire's to experience it just once. We know of the debauchery and loudness and are looking forward to it. Later that evening we're hoping to swing by Mr. B's for some bbq shrimp and gumbo ya-ya at the bar. Do you give this a thumbs up???

    Thanks in advance for any feedback. My stomach is growling now and I just drooled on my keyboard. :-P


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