Sunday, April 20, 2008

Indecision 2008

There is more certainty in my mind about who to vote for this upcoming presidential election, than there is about trivial wedding details.

Planning a wedding has proven to be a very challenging endeavor. I usually try to make a decision and move on from it, but with the wedding, I find myself revisiting every decision that I made, and thinking, "Should I have done something else?"

One thing that I am beating myself up about, is the menu. The beau and I recently agreed on what to serve our guests during the cocktail hour and during the reception dinner, but I am starting to have doubts for the following two reasons:

Reason #1: I could only list eight items on the tasting menu, but I really wanted to try thirty-five.

Reason #2: The beau said he didn't think that (1) the jumbo prawns with meyer lemon cocktail sauce or (2) the raw oysters on a half-shell with chardonnay sabayon "would be a good fit at our wedding." . . . But it was a good fit in my stomach.

Wedding planning for an obsessive-compulsive foodie is self-destructive.


  1. so far your picks make for a foodies fantastic can always save the dishes from list B for your 'after party' when returning from the honeymoon.....or perhaps for the baby shower....hehe!

    chardonnay sabayon on oysters~wow!

    p.s. resending comment sorry if dupe

  2. you need help with this wedding tasting??? cause i can help you cover that 35....

  3. PE, I can see your boyfriend's point. Not to cause more confusion, but I love oysters but seems like it was be hard to eat holding a champagne glass. Whereas I think the jumbo shrimp is a classic. What else is on the menu!?

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  5. p.e. ~ do enjoy your posts so much...just wanted you to know I posted today about the passionate eater as well as love to present you with the "E" award for Excellence....which I am sure you have already received b4, but I enjoy your pix + food thoughts so much!

    you can visit me at TM for details...

  6. Eight isn't even close to thiry-five!
    Maybe the price will make you more choosy!
    I can hardly wait to see what you selected!

  7. Tough choices; it's nice that you get to taste them first. Will be interesting to see what you finally decide on!

  8. Gotta love wedding planning, especially when it comes down to the menu.

    Then again, I've heard that building a kitchen, remodeling a kitchen, or even evaluating the existing kitchen in a new home can be as divisive as a challenge for a couple, especially if one or both of you are foodies.

    But you can deal with that when you get there =).

    -Sage's Brother

  9. What fun you're having trying all these fun dishes. For our wedding menu, we were given the choice of A, B, C or D (set courses). Your tastings seem like a real treat.

  10. Sounds great, actually. I would have gone for the 35 items anyway.

  11. Hi y'all! I love all of your suggestions! I wish y'all could taste everything w/me!

  12. Oh, and Taste Memory, thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful award! I have many people in mind on who to pass it onto!


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