Saturday, August 09, 2008

Adopting Obama's Platform of Change

You are going to see some changes around here, starting today.

First, I am going to be doing more cooking posts. In fact, that is the reason that I started my blog in October 2005, though it hasn't been apparent from all the restaurant posts.

Second, I am going to start using larger images.

I hope you enjoy the changes! Oh, and the killer sushi spread is from Miyabi Sushi in SF.


  1. that unagi looks so go to item to judge any sushi restaurant....

  2. BLuang3Lbby, I've tried to look at your site many times, but I never have been able to. Can you post your link?

  3. That is an excellent photo to announce your size changes! I think sushi is one of my favorite things to see photographed.

  4. We can change, yes we can!

    Love the bigger photos! Oh, and reminds me that I haven't had sushi in awhile. Need to go find some tonight. :)

  5. Thanks for your encouragement Marie and Chef Ben! More big pictures coming up soon!

  6. ooh me too, I love the big pictures, so liberating! oh I would love some sushi right now....

  7. Wow, sushi platters are like the gold treasure at the end of a rainbow.!!!


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