Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gellin' Like a Felon at Gelato Pazzo Caffe

School is just ready to start and the sweltering New Orleans summer is winding down to a muggy end. Therefore, now is the time--more than ever--to languish at home, and enjoy a few more seconds of this summer. Pull up a lawn chair, and a tall and refreshing glass of brewed sweet tea, and turn up the Olympics swimming competition on television.

One of my favorite summer time treats here in New Orleans, is homemade gelato from Gelato Pazzo Caffe on Carrollton. It is a casual, university-friendly, breezily air conditioned place, where you can bring your school work (or newspaper) to relax while enjoying a frosty cup of their lip-smackingly delicious Italian gelato. They have a nice variety of romantic gelato flavors, including an intense, deeply-flavorful chocolate-cherry and limoncello.

My personal favorite, is their limetta gelato, which is thick, creamy, and drizzled with a sticky syrup that resonates with the tartness of fresh lime zest. If you are in the mood for a tall glass of ice cold limeade, the limetta gelato is your answer.

Gelato Pazzo, they don't just cater to your sweet tooth. Check out their panini sandwiches, where you can choose from their nice selection of cured lunch meats, imported straight from Italy.

Also, you can purchase other imported specialty Italian goods there, such as canned Italian tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, semolina pasta, jarred capers, and other pickled vegetables.

What are you doing still at your computer? Go out and make the most of summer, while it is here!


  1. This looks like a nice deli with some good gelato!

  2. Gosh that looks delicious!

  3. gelato + salumi remind me of s.f. soooo much.

    agree ~ so hard to sit in front of this screen when the sun's screeching outside!

    good to see your having fun in your new town ~ isn't it just a major culture shock tho?

    happy chillin'

  4. Yes IE Restaurant + Food Reviews, Amy, and Taste Memory, the gelato is great! And yes, while it definitely is a culture shock here in NOLA as opposed to California, I am used to it because I grew up as one of the few Asians in Arizona!


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