Sunday, February 01, 2009

My Super Bowl XLIII Commentary

I think it is clear by this blog, that I love my husband. You know why? Because I watch football. For him. That's love.

Usually, during the Super Bowl, I keep myself busy in the kitchen while my husband makes grunting noises and pumps (or shakes) his fists in the air (while simultaneously wielding a large chicken drumstick) at the Super Bowl broadcast on television. This time however, our Super Bowl experience was a little different because I was emotionally invested in the game. This year, I was hissing and scratching like a crazed cavewoman alongside him. Oh yeah, I also used two drumsticks in my hands like meat clubs, whacking inanimate objects just like how my husband does.

It is no secret that I am an Arizona supremacist. There are only two states with people that love their state more than their own firstborn child. The first is Texas. The second is Arizona. Therefore, anything affiliated with Arizona is solid gold in my opinion. If Arizona wanted to secede from the United States, I (like other Arizonans) would eagerly enlist in the Arizona militia and tattoo my arm with the Arizona flag... Well, maybe not, but I have always respected the Cardinals (even despite their record) and I have always loved the Suns. Plus, the Cardinals have systematically been treated terribly, like the awkward reject and laughingstock of the NFL. Therefore, when the Cardinals won the playoff game in which they were the underdogs, I already felt like Arizona won the Super Bowl. They were the Cinderella team, and the glass slipper (or the pigskin, whatever you want to call it) got returned to them. Then they won the second playoff game, as underdogs, again. It was like I won the lottery, and the tears flowed like Niagara Falls. And then they did it again, winning the West and making it to the Super Bowl, again as underdogs. With Barack Obama winning the Presidency, and the Arizona Cardinals making the Super Bowl, it felt like the second coming.

Finally, the Cardinals played the heck out of the Super Bowl, despite the worst officiating in the NFL, ever. They tried their hardest and overcame all expectations. Therefore, no matter what the score, I was so proud. It was amazing to watch their valiant efforts, which forced the commentators eat their words at how Arizona would never make it. Yes, it was a bittersweet game because they deserved the win and were robbed blind by corrupt referees, but being a Suns fan, I am used to skewed officiating that sucks major piehole. (And I am used to Steve Kerr's bumbling idiocy.) I am proud of the Cardinals because they are fighters who never gave up, and I am especially proud of Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald, two amazing people and fantastic players. For those reasons, it was the best Super Bowl, ever. To me at least.

But, bringing this story back to the theme of this blog, which is "food," I just wanted to post the pictures of our Super Bowl spread this year.

Thankfully, I learned from my previous mistakes, but we served the same old pedestrian fare, just plain pico de gallo, guacamole, tortilla chips, nacho cheese (heated in our old Asian grandmammy-style rice cooker), cheesy potato casserole, barbecued beef ribs, and honeyed chicken drumsticks. Nothing special, but some cool pictures to look at, I think.

Here are the ribs:


Ah yes, and the potatoes:

For recipes or picture-heavy posts on football-friendly foods or posts just on Arizona sports, check out these older entries:
Hey, if I (a football illiterate person) can get into football and have a great time watching the Super Bowl, you can too!


  1. Wow, everything looks amazing - those ribs are to die for!

  2. Holy Cow. Wish I was there. That looks delicious, everything looks fabulous!!!

  3. I tried to watch football for a boyfriend once. Didn't work. Let your husband know that he is one lucky (and well-loved) man.

  4. Thanks Sara, the ribs are so easy, I just used bottled BBQ sauce!

    Tee hee Donna-FFW, I wish I was there at your house for the churros!

    Aww, Helen, that is so sweet of you to say! (I just made my hubby read your comment, twice!)

  5. Wow, touchdown on the spread PE! The ribs and chicken looked amazing. So the question is whether you have a Kurt Warner tattoo? ;-)

  6. Haha, secretly, I would have a FOOD related tattoo Chef Ben, and not Arizona related though. So no Kurt Warner, but hmm, that sounds like a good idea!

  7. thanks for having us over for the superbowl! it was awesome! the food was great! man, the cardinals should of won...they were robbed!


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