Wednesday, February 04, 2009

H. Schwarzenbach Kolonialwaren & Kaffeerösterei

A must-visit place in Zurich, Switzerland for a foodie, is H. Schwarzenbach Kolonialwaren & Kaffeerösterei, a family-owned historic colonial era trading outpost, dating back over a generation.

The beautiful store facade and stunning window displays of specialty food items immediately illustrates why
H. Schwarzenbach is a Zurich icon.

H. Scharzenbach
offers an abundance of exotic goods, including rich loose leaf teas, intensely flavored coffee beans (which may be roasted in house), aromatic spices, jarred sauces, rare chutneys, flavored vinegars and oils, chocolates, and dried tropical fruits, nuts, and pastas.

For instance, you can purchase these crunchy roasted candy-coated almonds at
H. Schwarzenbach, as well as on the chilly winter streets of Zurich.

After visiting
H. Scharzenbach, be sure to stop by one of Zurich's refreshing public water fountains, which are dispersed throughout Zurich.

Although Zurich's fountains look like decorative garden fountains that recycle algae-infested and used water, you can actually drink clean water from the Alps at these "drinking holes." Despite the perpetually flowing (but not recirculating) water, there is no real waste because the excess water drains into the Limmat River.

Decorated with ornate sculptures and often with an elaborate labyrinth of intertwined pipes, the fountains gurgle and spray into deep reflecting pools. Dip your cupped hands into the pool for a wash or hold your glass up to the pouring fountain stream for a delicious drink.

The water in Zurich has a crisp mineral-flavored bite with a dull aftertaste/finish, and tastes precisely like Evian.

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  1. I've heard of that place before and would love to visit it... thanks for the interesting post!



  2. beautiful! what a wonderful afternoon spent strolling through and just *being* i keep looking at your photos and makes me realize how much i walking around the city (san francisco) + missing short trips to nyc.

    missing old world charm. thanks, you're passion truly shines through on this post!

  3. If you go to Zurich, H. Schwarzenbach is a place that you definitely must check out Rosa's Yummy Yums!

    You are so sweet Taste Memory! And that is exactly what I did in Zurich, was to stroll (rather aimlessly) and enjoy the beautiful city of Zurich. The window shopping view of the store was quite impressive!

  4. Your photos are beautiful. What great ideas for places to visit!

  5. Absolutely beautiful! Haven't been to Zurich yet, but I'm so glad to know about this place for when I eventually make it there. It looks like a don't-miss for sure.

  6.'m like a kid in the middle of a candy factory! how awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us, I'm now gonna tuck this place into the list of "Places to Visit before I Die."
    btw, thanks for your sweet comment, it made me smile~

  7. Your photos look beautiful! I haven't been to Zurich yet but maybe soon...! I love your foodblog!

  8. ur post is informative
    thanks for stopping by..hope i will see u more often.:)

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  10. PE, I'm surprised you're not still camped out at that store! BTW, no matter how much you say the water taste like the Alps, just the idea constantly reflowed water sounds off for me! Yikes!

  11. Zurich is a hidden gen of a town with a beautiful European vibe Sara!

    If you are visiting Europe, think about Zurich as a nice stop on your trip Lori!

    I know, I love the selection of amazing goods at this store Burp and Slurp~! It is definitely a place for a person who loves to eat and cook!

    Thank you Sophie, if you are close to Zurich, I would think about making the quick trip!

    Thank you and I hope to see you too Navita!

    I already signed the petition and mailed you an email Drichar3!

    Oops, I corrected the ambiguous language in the post to reflect that although the water looks like it is being recycled, it is actually not Chef Ben, sorry for the confusion!

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