Saturday, July 22, 2006

Oh, Those Summer Days!

Although it doesn't feel like it, we are already half-finished with the summer! (I dread the terrible feeling I have in the bottom of my stomach every time I think how summer is almost over.) But, unfortunately, it is true. School is starting again in a few weeks (they've already put back-to-school merchandise up in some of the local department stores), and the fruits and vegetables in season are just beginning to dwindle slightly in their plentiful numbers.

Now that summer is midway through, I want to share a way to extend it with two dishes that are very anti-fall and anti-winter because they celebrate the bounty and wealth that the summer has to bring.

The first dish is very easy. Just enjoy a simple (but lovely) bowl overflowing with seasonal summer fruit. One of my summer favorites are lychees, the delicious and juicy orbs that explode in your mouth with flavor and fragrance.

When I think of summer-time, I think of the brown paper bags that our family would distribute as seed-spitoons for the gnawed melon rinds, stone-fruit pits, stringy cherry stems, and limp spirals of multi-colored fruit peels. Lychees are the perfect example of what we used the seed spitoon for. You'll generate a lot of material for the compost pile when eating lychees. First, you must use your thumbs to peel off the scaly pink rind to reach the juicy, ivory-toned fruit flesh inside. Second, don't bite too hard, because you'll encounter another obstacle, the solid and onyx-colored pit.

The second dish is very easy: chilled, dill salmon. This is what I like to do: although you must first cloak the salmon in a blanket of fresh dill and bake it in the oven at 400 degrees, during the summer, the salmon must not be eaten when it is directly out of the oven, but must first be cooled at room temperature and then refrigerated overnight. After the chilling is over, then bring out the salmon.

I guarantee that there is something immensely appealling about eating chilled (oven-baked) salmon to cool off from the sweltering summer-time heat.

Now hurry! Go enjoy the summer (and sunshine-yellow watermelon) while it lasts!


  1. p.e.

    i'm melting!

  2. You are such a "brave and cool dude" for braving the Southern California weather--especially in the 909 area code! Dayam Rick James, if I were you, I'd quit Coffee Berry cold turkey and go to Ben & Jerry's or at least stick my head in the freezer at Von's! It is hot down there.

  3. dylan,

    its not to baaddd, bbpout when it hits 103 youu star getting deliriouogo;nsdf4ps

  4. Whoa, get thee to a hospital Rick James, delirium just set in! Do I seriously look that good to be mistaken for Dylan? Thanks for the compliment!

  5. Those yellow melons look so delicous. My grandfather grows them on at their summer lake house and we grandkids (and great grandkids) certainly enjoy slurping up those juicy melons!

  6. Mmmmm...your words cooled me like a brisk sea breeze. Lychees, melons and chilled salmon! Sign me up!

  7. Your grandfather grows yellow watermelons? Now I know where your green thumb comes from Rachel! And I think that your boys are getting the green thumb gene too--I loved the pictures of them helping to water the flowers and chatting up with their grandpa!

    Thanks for your precious comment Elmo Monster! We need all the sea breeze we can get so that we can deal with the sweltering California heat.


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