Monday, July 10, 2006

Being a Busy Bee

Wow, this past week has been really busy, but I'll get back into the posting groove soon. Let me just give you a quick glimpse of what is going on in my life: an acting lesson here, foreign language classes at the local adult school (and homework) there, and cooking weekly meals with church everywhere!

Cooking for church has been a lot more challenging than I originally anticipated. Get this, the budget is $50-$80 for 80-100 people! When I first heard the budget, I was floored into a stupor! I've been cooking for a few weeks now, and let me tell ya: I ain't very innovative. Fried rice and macaroni and Velveeta. But, I've made the budget twice, and cooked double the food than usual! And I'm proud of that!

I haven't taken many pictures of my cooking escapades, but here are some pictures of cheap potato dishes: curry potatoes and cheesy au gratin potatoes!


  1. If anyone can make a tasty meal on a budget I believe it's you PE!

  2. Thank you Rachel! I'd say it was a meal on a budget, but I'm not sure if it was tasty... :(

  3. Hi PE - Yes, a budget......but you're quite up to the challenge! BTW, can I hire you???????

  4. holy cheese whip, thats only like .60 cents a person! the amazin' p.e...

    i'd think you wouldn't be able to get a brand name like Velvetta for that price... more like Krulvetta or Delvetta.. if there is such a thing..

    you're awesome p.e.!!!

    by the way i'm thinking of catering a party as well, but the budget is like 13 cents per person... what should i do?? ;) just kiddin'

  5. Wow! That's a tight budget. But judging by those cheesy potatoes, you gave 'em their money's worth, and then some!

  6. Kirk, I'm not sure that you'd want to hire someone who serves saltine crackers with "ketchup-spread" as an appetizer! (That was another one of my church meals that met the budget!)

    Amen Rick James!! I agree about the price of the Velveeta. We actually ran out of Velveeta (it was a whopping $7.00/cheese brick), and had to use powdered milk, butter, margarine, mayonnaise, garlic salt, and whatever quasi-cheese substance was left in the communal fridge to "extend" the cheese-flavor. Well, just kidding about some of those ingredients, but we did use all the cheese we could find in the fridge, including that powdery parmesan cannister cheese. Next time, I'm going to buy Albertson's-brand Velveeta. I think it's called "Alb-eeta."

    Oops, although the potatoes also involved use of processed cheese, I didn't serve that dish for church dinner Elmo Monster! I was too busy to take any photos of the church stuff. But the cheesy potatoes dish actually does closely resemble the macaroni and cheese that we made for church.

  7. Jesus, that's like a $1 per person haha. Awesome job on feeding the mouths of your fellow church friends. You're so funny. I think the potatoes look pretty hot though. What language are you learning Rachael Ray?

  8. Thanks for your compliment Eat, Drink, and Be Merry! I am learning Chinese pronounciation and lower-level "spoken" Vietnamese, so I'm getting in touch with the culture of my peeps! The class is non-intense, but helpful.


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