Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Failed Osha Inspection

Another photo post.

Have you been noticing a trend lately?

As you may know, my digital camera has been out of commission for a while after I dropped it and broke off the plastic lens shutter cap. I can't believe the bad luck I've been having with digital cameras. I lost my first one. I've been using a borrowed back-up (which takes grainer pictures), so I hope that these pictures are still palatable to your eyes.

My "camera unluckiness" followed me to Osha Thai Restaurant
, where I recently ate two nights in a row. The first night, I forgot to bring any digital camera. The second night, I dined with a hungry group. If you are a food blogger, you know what it means to eat with a.... "Group." Although I have no shame in taking pictures of food, sometimes, I am hesitant to snap pictures in a group setting, because I have to explain why I am taking pictures of food (which inevitably garners scattered laughs) and also be "the person" who stops hungry people from immediately digging in when the food arrives on the table.

Also, I know that there is an unspoken etiquette rule of "sometimes it is inappropriate to take pictures." An article in today's San Francisco Chronicle sums it up perfectly. You have to read this article, even if you are not a food blogger. It is great.

Well, given my "camera situation" and the article, I am just going to post pictures in this post and no extensive restaurant review. Sorry the pictures suck, but I know you love me anyway!

We started with fresh spring roll with prawns, bean sprouts, lettuce, and mint wrapped in rice paper with a sweet and sour plum dipping sauce. I felt exactly like my sister-in-law when she ate spring rolls with us at Fin in the Mirage, "I can make this better at home!"

The rest of the meal included: Thai green curry with bamboo shoots, Thai basil, chicken breast, and sweet red bell peppers;

A red duck curry with pineapple chunks, red bell pepper slivers, and stewed tomatoes; and

An elaborate pad thai with gluey noodles, crumbled peanuts, deep-fried tofu squares, and the rest of the pad thai "works."

Hope you liked the article, the post, and the pictures. Also, I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on the food blogger paparazzi phenomenon.


  1. who cares about the quality of the pictures-not me-thai food is great and i'm sure you had a great time.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing that article with us. I was wondering when someone was going to write a story about the phenomenon.

    And your pics were great!

  3. Thanks for the article. I for one feel very awkward when I snap pictures in restaurants. It just feels weird and I am pretty "shy" to do it knowing that people around me would be thinking I am strange snapping every single picture of the food. Even when I was in Penang, I raised a few brows shooting food pictures and towards the end I just "pretended" (I know I am bad like that!) I am a reporter and things got a lot easier. :P

  4. Oh, so glad you linked to the article. When I first started reading your post, I thought Ah! I'll tell PE about the Chronicle story today! But you were there first, clever girl.
    I'd hate to see restaurants knuckle under to too much idiotic picture-taking, just the way I'm glad to see them ban cell phones. But discreetly? Politely? I say snap away. (But maybe no flash, eh?) ;-)

  5. Thanks for your encouragement Elle! I always appreciate your comments and feedback.

    You make me blush Elmo Monster. Thanks for all of your support, especially when the pictures are poopy! I'm glad that you enjoyed the article. I liked it so much, I read it twice!

    You're welcome Rasa Malaysia. Yes, "awkward" is a great word to use, because I definitely feel that way. Great idea about pretending to be a reporter! I don't think it would work for me though, as I am a terrible actress (and reporter)!

    I've had bad table manners in terms of using flash Cookie Crumb. I used to avoid it when I ate at restaurants--as evidenced by the dismally blurry pictures from my post on Tangerine, but have been pretty invasive about using it as of late. I try not to be disruptive, and only take one picture of each dish, but I think that patrons at the restaurant, as well as readers of Passionate Eater might be turned off by it. You'll be proud to see that my latest post did not involve the use of flash! Also, thank you for thinking of me about the article.

  6. Hi PE - Thanks for link to the article. And your photos look just fine.

  7. i think it would be HORRIBLE if restaurants banned cameras! i can understand cellphones bothering diners. but c'mon, cameras?!

  8. PE,

    Great article. Thank you so much for the link. I'm going to stick it up on my blog as well, if you don't mind.

    It's interesting. When you stop and think about it, all the rules at the bottom of the article make sense. I've been following each one without ever having discussed them with another blogger or read them anywhere else. The rule about no flash strikes a particular chord with me. I'm a firm believer that my rights end where another person's begin. My right to take photos of my food end when they interfere with someone else's ability to enjoy their food.

    Thanks for providing me with great food for thought in the middle of the work day.

    - CP

  9. Ack, bad camera karma? That can't possibly be a good thing. I've done okay, but recently had to send mines in fer repairs. Looks as though you're doing quite well though.


  10. Thank you Kirk! I admire your photography abilities so much, so to hear you say that means I did "okay!" And you are welcome for the article. I hope you liked it!

    I agree wholeheartedly Pink Nest! In the article, the author of Chez Pim said, "I'm entitled to take all the photographs because I paid to eat the meal." I love that she said that, because it sums up what I think perfectly!

    Thank you Chubby Panda! Hey, what are you doing looking at food blogs during the work day!

    Hey there Dr. Biggles! I actually read your post about borrowing Cookie Crumb's camera before I wrote this one, and I was touched. I wish that I was able to meet the both of you, you are my idols.

  11. Hi PE - I think you did much better than "okay"......


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