Thursday, September 28, 2006

In Pictures: The Secret's Out with Tekka

Tekka Japanese Restaurant in San Francisco is the City's best-kept Japanese secret. It takes an enterprising treasure hunter to search out Tekka. It is in an area with extraordinary limited parking and is a tiny box-of-a restaurant with no identifying signage, and tattered and weathered facade. Inside the restaurant is the hidden treasure: the grandparently figures and "Mom and Pop" team of Nobu and Yoshimi, and a homey, warm, comforting, and "cozy" area (some may say "cramped") with seating for at max, 10 to 12 patrons. If you can't find the restaurant itself, look for the line that starts forming at 6:30 p.m.--the restaurant itself opens at 7:00 p.m..

Tekka is a unique place, with ocean-fresh and vibrant-flavored seafood that literally transports you directly to the noisy, bustling, and neon-lighted streets of Japan. There are also some unique and atypical attributes about Tekka. A list of stringent rules adorn the wall and window, with such rules as "No to go. . . . No forks, no soda. . . . No complaining." There is a small television that plays Wheel of Fortune and Dancing with the Stars in the background. And, the most idiosyncratic characteristic about Tekka is the glistening, melt-in-your mouth sashimi and sushi that is unbelievably not in Japan, but in San Francisco.

Here is a photo essay of the array of sushi and hot entree options offered by Tekka. The pictures should give you an idea of how delicious and attractive the sushi and the food at Tekka is. We only ordered one hot entree, and that was fresh shiitake mushrooms stir-fried with sliced asparagus spears.

So what do you think? Gorgeous huh? Let me let you in on a secret: it was delicious too.


  1. stunning stunning stunning! sounds like a wonderful place!

  2. PE,

    It's reading posts like this that make me consider driving back to NorCal over the weekend to "visit my parents", by which I mean go to Tekka. If I didn't already have plans, and if they hadn't just gotten back from a trip to the Mediterranean, I'd probably do it too.

    Just you wait. I'm going another super post this weekend, this time of my favorite sushi restaurant in Orange County.

    Omakase! =)

    - CP

  3. A great post--though that is to be expected from my favorite food blogger. I liked that you took pictures of the restaurant along with the food it serves. It shows me what the place is supposed to look like (so I won't accidentally walk into an imitation Tekka).

    When do you go on these feastings? Can you take me next time?

  4. That's IT. I am going for sushi later...(drool)

  5. That looks like a very authentic Japanese experience. I love sushi but have get to have it in a restaurant...we always get take out.

  6. That. Looks. Divine. The best part is that one of those secret places (well not so much anymore after your post)! Thank you for sharing! But the wait's just going to get worse for you now...hehehe.

  7. It is definitely a hidden treasure Pink Nest!

    Haha, great excuse to come to the Bay Area Chubby Panda! I am very excited about the super-post! I'll be checking in often!

    We might have to get off of work a little early Jinerous, but I'd love to check it out with you. Haha, plus, you "know" when I went on the Osha Thai outing!

    Hi there Haute Mama! I love your name, it is very innovative. I'm glad I made you hungry, and thank you for visiting!

    Take-out sushi is great too Rachel! This was the only time I got to sit at the sushi-making table, so it was quite an experience. But then again, there was nowhere else to sit other than the sushi bar! (It was a tiny place.)

  8. Whoops! How could I miss you Elmo Monster! I guess that's what I get when I wait too long before I reply to comments. Yes, when you read the Yelp reviews, everyone essentially is saying, "I don't really want to give this review because I don't want to give away the secret!" I don't mind so much, because the only people who read my blog are my friends. (There are no strangers or random people who read my blog, it would be a waste of their time!)

  9. gah... I'm so friggin' jealous right now you have no idea. I was drooling over the unagi nigiri and rolls, then I scroll down to the plate of sashimi with the tuna that is such a beautiful shade of purple it's sickening.

    Now I got a braincrave for Japanese food now that I'm going to be crabby the rest of the day. Hmpf.


  10. is this the one in cole valley on carl? i think this is the one on the street where i live! have been meaning to go there..

  11. I'm sorry Jeff L, but thanks for reading and looking! I'll try not to get you crabby anymore, but I like it when I get you hungry!

    It is actually in the Inner Richmond Erika, and its address is "537 Balboa Street."


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