Tuesday, September 19, 2006

San Pellegrino 2006, Part Two: Frisson

Hi. This post is for you. It is an open letter, expressing my gratitude for having you in my life. You know who you are.

Happy Anniversary.

I had a great time yesterday night, and for the entire time we've been together.

You've made me laugh, you've seen me cry, and you've shared wonderful times with me.

Thank you.

I won't divulge too much in the post, but I am just going to list the names of our dishes that we ate at Frisson, and then go to sleep, like I promised. Your secrets are safe with me.

The meal we ate at Frisson was delicious, and depending on which items that were selected in the prix fixe menu, it started with either: a heirloom salad with multicolored grape tomato halves, buttery cannellini beans, pitted kalamata olives, golden wax beans, and English cucumbers that were sliced paper-thin with a razor-sharp mandoline blade and pickled in a tart, vinegary solution; or

A soup made of a roasted fennel and kabocha squash puree which was garnished with candied pumpkin seeds and a back-and-forth zigzag of drizzled creme fraiche.

The main course was either: a salt-baked Scottish salmon with crisped skin encrusted with crystaline salt granules, which was served over a beady bed of creamy, pebble-shaped chickpeas in a smooth garlic-anchovy vinaigrette, and topped with a luxurious nest of arugula and thinly-sliced black radishes; or

Circular slices of glazed and roasted pork tenderloin garnished with fuzzy sage leaves, and served wilted florets of broccoli rabe and a nutty risotto.

Although there were two choices for the dessert, we all chose the same spiced chocolate pot de creme which was accompanied by a sugar cookie sandwich, which had its insides smeared with a creamy, hazelnut nutella.

It was delicious, but your friendship has made it more so. Thank you again friends (and I am including my other blog readers in this "thank you.") It was a wonderful night.


  1. i love pot de cremes! i made some not that long ago, and although it was slightly disastrous, they came out deliciously.

  2. Ooo Pink Nest, will I be seeing a recipe post of the pot de cremes on your site soon? I surely hope so! I'd love to learn how to make those chilled ramekin-filled chocolate desserts.

  3. PE,

    What a sweet article. I like how you made it a sort of open love letter. Still trying to do me in with more of the pictures, eh?


    - CP


  4. That pork looks right up my alley! Nice thick slices.

    PS. sorry I'm taking so long to respond to the meme you tagged me for. I'll get there eventually.

  5. I love this piece, PE! Every time I read your blog, I can hear you reading these words out loud. I love the way you read those verses at 24/7, by the way. It really adds a special touch.

    I've been hoping to have a get together with you soon. I know there are lots of things to be said and shared! You'll have to let me know the next time you're in town. Maybe we can plan a non-lunch activity (girls only, no beaus allowed).

  6. Hi PE - The term "stomach growls" is so very appropriate!

  7. That is right Chubby Panda, it was intended to be an open love letter of sorts! And I am flattered that you find my pictures a sinful temptation!

    No problem The Food Pornographer! I've been visiting your blog and keeping busy on the other photos that you've been posting. Plus, with all those birthdays and parties you are attending, I understand that you are busy--and I'm glad that you are, because that means more great food pictures on your site!

    That sounds great Jinerous! I'd love to get together for a "girls lunch out" and let you know all that has been going on in my life. I do have a lot to share about the beau, and also about 50 Fremont!

    Thank you Kirk! The beau suggested that I put "wagging tongues," but I thought that sounded weird.

  8. Thanks for sharing this sweet early Valentine. What better way to celebrate than with fine food at affordable prices.

    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to partake on the Dine Out this year. So bummed. Oh well. I'll just relish the commentary and the photos of the two meals you had!

  9. PE, happy anniversary to you and 'you'. I am going here next time I'm up in SF for sure. I'm with Kirk, I got a stomach growl too.

  10. I am sad to hear that you weren't able to participate in this year's San Pellegrino Prix Fixe program Elmo Monster. But I know that you made up with it through your other restaurant choices! Also, thanks again for the inspiration!

    Did you know that there are three "you-s" Eat, Drink, and Be Merry? The "you" I refer to is not my beau, but my three close friends from work. I hope you come to SF soon, I can't wait till you come up again!


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