Sunday, December 07, 2008

Celebrating Monumental Victories

This has been an unprecedented year in American politics, and most importantly, American history. First, the nation resoundingly elected its first ever non-white president, a brilliant and charismatic gentleman named Barack Obama. This past week, after the votes were tallied from the December 5, 2008 election, America discovered that Louisiana had elected the first ever Vietnamese-American congressman, Anh "Joseph" Cao.

My parents would have never imagined that these two events would have happened in their lifetimes, much less the same year. Thank you America, and thank you Louisiana, for teaching me that we can achieve what once was impossible.

Image courtesy of the Times Picayune.


  1. I know!!! Look at what a great state Louisiana is becoming and a great country we live in). Don't forget Bobby Jindal too!! He is the first non-white elected governor of the state, and the first Indian-American elected to state-wide office in U.S. history!!!

  2. Proud day in our community and city when he was elected!

  3. I agree LA Chic and TTMC, Louisiana is very progressive (even more progressive than California)! I am very heartened by the election results.


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