Sunday, December 21, 2008

Window Shopping in Zurich

I loved window shopping in Zurich, and I hope from this picture, you can see why.

I would spend hours walking up and down Bahnhofstrasse and the nearby neighborhoods, simply peeking through storefront glass and deciding what I should purchase for a mid-afternoon snack. See the candied citrus segments coated in chocolate on the lower left hand corner? For a chocolate-lover like me, Switzerland was a dreamland.

(Also, since we are on the topic of "looking," I just wanted to thank the blogger at Three Column Blogger for providing the instructions for me to implement this new, three column layout. Check out the blog for amazing, detailed, step-by-step guidance on changing your blogger code.)


  1. I love window shopping too, especially at sweet candy stores and clothing stores.

  2. I could stand in front of that store for hours, Grace!

  3. PE I've been on a crazy chocolate bender for the past few weeks, I think that this would undo me!

  4. Foodhoe, I love the way you think--being on a chocolate bender is a great way to live!

  5. Somehow chocolate that pretty tastes better... but I never met a piece of chocolate I didn't like!

  6. Yes LadyRed, I also never encountered chocolate that I did not consume voraciously!


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