Friday, December 12, 2008

I Love Being Barefoot

I adore Ina Garten. I worship her recipes, show, taste, and wit. Did I mention that I am enamored with her recipes? They are precise, easy-to-follow, and yield immensely satisfying results. Her vanilla ice cream? Do die for. Her roasted chicken? Hells yea, it's good.

My favorite Ina Garten recipe is her take on tabbouleh, a fresh, cleansing, and uplifting parsley salad from Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. Ina's version is amazingly delicious, although, not entirely as parsley-dense as the versions that you find in Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean restaurants.

To make a more traditional (or more "restaurant-like") tabbouleh than Ina's version, (1) cut the portions of boiling water and medium grain bulghur wheat in half, (2) chop and add an additional bunch of flat-leaf parsley, and (3) also add a tsp of cumin or a pinch of allspice. You should definitely try her recipe, but check out my slightly adapted version, here.

Recipe adapted from Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa Parties!
1/2 cup medium-grain bulghur wheat (grains should be this size, look at the fifth picture down)
3/4 cup boiling water
juice from 2 lemons
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
2 bunches of flat-leaf parsley
1 bunch (not one sprig) of scallions
1 bunch of fresh mint
1 cucumber
3 medium tomatoes
1 tsp cumin, or a pinch of allspice
salt, to taste

In a large lidded pot, combine all of the liquid ingredients (the hot water, lemon juice, olive oil), the cumin, and the bulghur wheat. Immediately cover the pot, and set aside.

Finely chop the parsley, scallions, and mint, discarding the brown leaves and stems. Add the parsley, scallions, and mint to the bulghur wheat mixture.

Next, peel and cut the cucumber into small dices, and core and similarly dice the tomatoes. The tomato dice should be "pico de gallo salsa-sized." You can keep the tomato seeds and juices and add them in the tabbouleh salad, if you'd like. They usually will be absorbed up by the bulghur wheat. Now, add and stir all of the ingredients together, and add salt to taste.

I hope you enjoy this recipe (or Ina's). It's a refreshing and healthy salad that goes great with toasted whole wheat pita bread, and creamy hummus topped with toasted pine nuts. I like to let the tabbouleh sit in the fridge, to allow the flavors to combine, and have it the next day at a picnic or at lunch.


  1. That Tabouleh looks really good!



  2. It tastes great Rosa's Yummy Yums! Give it a try, and let me know what you think!

  3. i love both tabbouleh and hummus, that recipe sounds so bright and refreshing. I love the barefood contessa and you make it all sound so easy too!

  4. Barefoot Contessa is a miracle-worker (who lives in the Hamptons) Foodhoe! It is a little time-intensive, but otherwise, very easy and very delicious!

  5. I love to watch Barefoot Contessa too, except her laugh is always a bit so over the top. Anywho, the tabbouleh looks really refreshing!

  6. Hi PE - Looks great. I've tried a few Ina Garten recipes, and have found that they always turn out well. I'm really enjoying all the cooking your doing..... Cookin' with the Passinate Eater!

  7. She totally laughs like a privileged person from the Hamptons Chef Ben!

    Those Ina Garten recipes are definitely no-fail Kirk K--and the "cooking in," is due to the "empty wallet." :( I love Cathy's $5 Fridays concept, and have been doing my own "on sale" dinners!

  8. definitley a refreshing rendition of Ina's tabbouleh ~ love the barefoot contessa.....her tv shows r too tempting ~ she makes entertaining appear so easy ya know? i love how she laughs with her guests while finally sitting down to dine ~ it's comfort food with a fresh twist.

    btw; thanks for encouraging words on my blog ~ you're best PM ;-)

  9. I love your site and you are so wonderful Taste Memory, all my words to you are genuine. You are great!

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  11. Wow !! this is looking delicious. I like this item. Let me try to make this item. I have all the mentioned recipe available.


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